Dakar: doors REI certified

Safety and Design

The Dakar ports ensure proper fire protection with a design that reflects the characteristics of the hotels and buildings where greater strength is required in the event of fire, such as schools, offices, hospitals, retirement homes and small communitiesà ;.
Fire doors must ensure protection in case of fire, the fire and fumes that are given off, allowing people to get to safety. For each structure the project foresees, according to regulations, l& # 39; use of ports and certified materials with 30-60-90-120 minutes protection.
The Dakar ports are available
REI 30 - Protection 30 minutes by BIEVO30 models, BISTAR30, BIREVER30 and BIWALL30 (flush)
REI 60 - Protection 60 minutes with BIEVO60 models, BISUPER60
REI 120 - 120 minutes protection with BIFULL120 model (top of the range)

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