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MILLERIGHE è a boiserie   fromdesign  refined and elegant that comes from the interpretation in a modern key of the traditional applied frame, very unusual in the past century. 

A tightening of the lines in the vertical development of the whole 26-rsquo; height of& # 39; before continuing on the frame as well.

Millerigheè realized on the pantograph thanks to a fresh day by the engravings by the regular and modular design. 

The lacquering creates a soft opaque effect and a pleasant touch without following the sweetness that cradles only the look and&is made with products at 26- # 39; water with a low environmental impact.




  • Edgingsof the doorsIPER4BOARD  inABSdi10 / 10mmsui4ilati
  • Structure
  • Anteintamburatoconnidod& # 39; beeECOmadecartariciclataal100 # 37
  • Acoustic gaskets ACUPLUS series
  • Disappeared hingesandmagnetic lockseries
  • NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment also available
  • High possibilityà of customization
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Also available with coverings for armored doors
  • Fire doors and fire doors are also available
  • AvailableAcoustic DoorCertified
  • Adjustable tie-rods for heights over 2400mm
  • Mechanical components installed with TORX screws





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