Milleluci collective exibition

  • Milleluci Cersaie Bologna
  • Exibith Milleluci - CERSAIE Bologna

    Light will take centre stage at the fourth collective Exibition of CERSAIE devoted to ITALIAN STYLE.

    The Event will be entitled Milleluci after the eponymous 1974 Italian tv show and, as the tv show, it will have 12 sets dedicated to the different genres of the entertainment word: movies, musical, opera, cartoon, tv series.

    12 modern and minimalist locations in which light influence the sense of space and highlight the design of the products.

    Visitors will find themselves immersed in a variety of scenarios as part of a multisensorial journey, where luminous atmospheres combine with classical forms and different styles to enhance matter, surfaces and product design.