Are you ready for mixed reality? - Milan Design Week 2018

  • Milan design week 2018


Natura is the term that describes all living and inanimate beings, in the totality of the phenomena and forces that occur in it. The terms derives from Latin and it means “what is about to come to life”.

Just as the Bertolotto doors collection is: evolving, always on the move, as the phenomena of nature.

A Special APP, developed specifically for this event by DILIUM, demonstrates the potential of Mixed Reality. Crossing the door allows you to enter a virtual world where digital and real scene are deeply mix for an augmented reality experience you cannot miss.


When and Where.


April 17- 22 Form 8.30 to 24.00 - Palazzo Giureconsulti, Via dei Mercanti 2 - Milan

Cocktail Party - April 18 - From 19.00 - Bertolotto Flagship Store, Via Santa Sofia 21, Milan

New lacquered, carved or engraved by pantograph, doors draw inspiration from flowers, trees, leaves, natural elements.

Stylized designs, matt or glossy lacquered in the whole range of RAL colours, combine the tradition of a decoration which since ever inspire art and design.

Decorations are reproduced, carved or engraved by the pantograph, on a thick layer of MDF; the leaf has a square rabbet with rounded edges and lacquer coating is uniform; each element is carefully finished.