Trame 111T Orzo

The Trame collection is characterized by its wood effect finishes in the new versions Riso, Orzo and Farro which are added to the classic Bianco and Noce finish. Excellent resistance to scratches and abrasions, for long lasting quality. The textured patterns at the heart of this collections give a sensation of warmth and naturalness to the surrounding enviroment. The shades have been chosen for being the most suitable to integrate into contemporary interiores.

Trame is available with different opening systems: hinged, sliding door, doublé, piego, double doors.

The Typical hinged door is recessed on the push side, while on the pull side the door is flush to the frame.

Poket doors are the perfect solution for both small and large spaces.

Double doors both divide and unite spaces with a wide doorway. The Tiro Magnetic lock ensures perfect alignment between the door panel.

Doublé presents a foldable opening, 2/3 - 1/3 saving spaces.

Piego has a book folding systems that saves space.


Design with glass and Trame finishes is a creative experience that leads to functional, coordinated spaces, available in frosted glass, Grigio o Bronzo.



  • Scratch resistance UNI9428/CATAS test-certified
  • Scratch resistance level = 5 MAXIMUM DEGREE REACHED
  • MDF HYDRO, CARB, FSC® certified
  • NO-GERMS® antibacterial treatment
  • LSB Wood water-repellent EN225 certificated with ZERO formaldehyde
  • Standard equipment with ACU PLUS Acoustic seal
  • Leaf edgebanding IPER 4 BOARD on four sides
  • ECO honeycomb obtained by 100% reycled paper
  • Highly customisable
  • Available with different opening systems
  • Available in allover glass version or glass inserts version
  • Secuity Doors panels available
  • Standard equipment adjustable anti-deformation tie rods for height over mm 2350
  • AIR 180 Hinge available on demand, which allows an opening of 180°




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