• wainscoting Bertolotto


In the modern concept of furniture woodwork plays an important aesthetic value: wooden panels or lacquered, decorated with engravings and pantograph designs, to create environments of high quality and style.
The paneling of the modern collections Bertolotto, in particular constellations, Nature, 25° by Arnaudo and MetroMap, interpret this concept decorative and enrich it with a customization chosen by the customer, to create unique environments.

MetroMap collection, wainscoting available for all models. And 'possible to customize the wall, choosing the decoration portions to achieve. The wall panels are made of lacquered modular panels, available in all of BP's palette, RAL and NCS. The decorations are engraved with high precision instruments.

CASAZEN collection, wainscoting with individual design in all models and colors. Every wall produced manually by the artist Elio Garis. The wall panels are made of modular panels worked with sand, as true works of art. The paneling House Zen achievable even on curved walls.