Bespoke Flush-Fitting Doors and Wardrobes

To make the most of unused space or to optimise the available space, a flush-fitting cabinet is just the right solution. Practical and invisible, the flush-fitting cabinet combines functionality with styling, thanks also to the possibility of customising the sizes, leaves and opening mechanisms.

Bertolotto flush-fitting cabinets are made with flush-fitting leaves for brickwork or plasterboard walls with hinged opening, with one leaf or two.

Flush-fitting cabinet: characteristics

  • A flush-fitting cabinet is a practical and great choice both for the home and for the office. It comprises convenient storage compartments boasting and elegant and minimal look, which adapt to any shape and can be tailor-made to suit individual needs.
  • Flush-fitting cabinets can conceal wardrobes, broom cupboards, laundries or archives, adding value to the setting discretely. They can be installed anywhere in the home or office: a flush-fitting cabinet in your entrance hall can replace the classic coat stand in a compact environment.
  • In the bedroom, a flush-fitting cabinet replaces the traditional wardrobe or storage chest, taking up less space. The room looks more clean-cut, harmonious and tidy and makes it easier to retain a minimalist style. The possibility of exploiting all the available space, from the floor to the ceiling, allows you to save quite a few square centimetres.
  • Bertolotto flush-fitting cabinets consist of a recessed frame, leaves, hinges and a push-pull opening mechanism as standard, which means no handles need to be installed. The doors of the built-in cabinet are made of HIDRO MDF, a material that is immune to water and moisture. The built-in cabinet can be painted as well as covered with mirrors, ceramic tiles or a variety of decorations.

Flush-fitting cabinet: to each their own style

Given their specific design, flush-fitting cabinets are especially suited to modern and contemporary settings. The lack of handles and frills helps give rise to linear, understated and minimal settings. This does not mean you cannot opt for more classic and traditional leaves or cover the leaves with wallpaper or wall panelling.



Why choose a flush-fitting cabinet

Essentially, the practical advantages of a flush-fitting cabinet can be summed up in three words: space, privacy and tidiness.


  • As well as the advantages in terms of space saving, installing a flush-fitting cabinet offers plenty of other benefits. A traditional cabinet gathers more dust, and it is fitted with feet the cleaning operations become even more complicated. In a concealed flush-fitting cabinet, the only parts exposed are the leaves, which are cleaned quickly.
  • Also not to be ignored is the discrete look of a flush-fitting cabinet, which can conceal large quantities of clothes, shoes or other accessories, discretely.
  • What’s more, a flush-fitting cabinet lasts longer than an external cabinet, which is subjected to stresses and moves. If that isn’t enough to convince you, since they are bespoke, they can be customised to suit individual tastes and preferences.
  • The leaves on Bertolotto flush-fitting cabinets can be lacquered to match the colour of the interior doors or teamed with the other furniture in your home. The particular appeal of flush-fitting cabinets is specifically their total customisation, from the number of drawers and shelves, to the exterior design. The room thus gets a brand-new and original make-over.

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