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Armoured Doors

Security is becoming more important every day and the need for peace of mind in your own home is driving more and more people to install armoured doors and latest-generation burglar-proof systems.

Bertolotto makes armoured exterior doors to the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art technologies, with the possibility of customising both sizes and designs.

Armoured doors: characteristics

  • An armoured door is a burglar-proof door consisting of iron and steel panels. It has characteristics devised to protect against any intrusion, thanks to a frame made of 2.5 mm thick steel profiles and a 1 mm or 1.5 mm thick double sheet steel leaf.
  • The locks can be of different types, each with its own degree of security. The most popular is the European cylinder lock, which is easy to use and offers good value for money. It has a spring and plunger system that unlocks as the key moves.
  • The electronic lock is a latest-generation type of lock: it opens via a card or, in the latest versions, via Bluetooth or smartphone App. Equipped with an RFID reading system and access control system, it can be unlocked from both the inside or the outside. This type of lock can still be used in the European cylinder mode.
  • Modern armoured doors improve domestic comfort while protecting your home from the weather and from outside noise.

Security classes for armoured doors

Armoured doors must comply with regulations regarding thermal transmittance, acoustic insulation and, break-in resistance.

The UNI EN 1627 standard and its updates sort armoured doors into 6 different classes, from 1 to 6. These numbers indicate the door’s resistance to break-ins, in increasing order: the higher the class, the higher the level of security.

  • Class 1 only resists physical force, whereas class 2 withstands an occasional burglar using simple tools, such as screwdrivers, tongs, pincers. Armoured doors in class 3 resist burglaries using heavy duty tools, such as crowbars. To break in through a class 4 door, you need to be an expert and use saws, hammers, chisels, while a class 5 door resists power tools such as drills or sabre saws. Lastly, a door classified as security class 6 resists high-power electric tools.


To find out the most suitable security class, you simply need to know the intended use of the room you wish to protect.

  • Class 1 armoured doors are suitable for the entrance to warehouses containing low-value goods 
  • Class 2 security doors are suitable for homes, offices or other buildings in which no valuables are kept.
  • For an apartment in a building or a terraced house, an armoured door with burglar-proof class 3 or 4 will be fine.
  • Security classes 5 and 6 are suitable for entrances to banks, jewellers, embassies, military environments and all those environments where there is a need to protect valuables or confidential documents.


Armoured doors: types

Bertolotto allows you to choose bespoke armoured doors to suit your needs and tastes.

Thanks to the different opening mechanisms and the ability to customise the panels on armoured doors, we can make the perfect security door for you.

You can customise your armoured door by choosing the type of opening, including hinged doors, folding doors, sliding doors and flush-fitting doors, the type of lock, the burglar-proof class, the finish and the handle.

You can also select panels in different colours, one for the outside and one for the inside, if you have any apartment building restrictions.

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