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Security doors, guaranteed security

Security is essential to feel safe at home. Effective solutions should be adopted to guarantee full safety, starting from security doors, a burglar-proof barrier that must meet specific safety requirements. Many factors are involved when choosing a security entrance door: in addition to its Resistance-to-Burglary Class, assessed according to the ENV1627 European standard, thermal transmittance and energy saving, acoustic insulation and resistance to severe weather conditions are to be taken into account, as well as their compliance with EC Directives and marking. Bertolotto's security doors are certified, designed and manufactured to guarantee the right degree of security to your houses.

The security doors from the TITANO collection are designed and built to be burglar-proof, thermally-insulated and acoustically-protected, thus creating an elegant, safe and comfortable home environment. All security doors can be matched with the interior doors from Bertolotto collections.

Our priority is to ensure safety for the environment you live in. The PETRA collection of doors is specifically designed to provide resistance against burglary, protection against noise and weather conditions, so as to avoid loss of heat and excessive energy consumption.

Our priority is to guarantee safety at home, with an eye for style and design. Doors from the PETRA FORTEZZA collection guarantee the highest degree of resistance to burglary, acoustic insulation and thermal comfort, whilst matching with the other interior doors.