How a door sliding outside the wall works

A door sliding outside the door stands out for the presence of a movement mechanism that allows the door to shift parallel with the wall along a track attached to the wall, the ceiling or the floor.

When to choose it as an alternative to a hinged door

A door sliding outside the wall is synonymous with modern and trendy design and should be chosen not just for its styling power. The Bertolotto catalogue contains a host of different variants, which should also be picked due to their ability to take up less space compared to a classic hinged model.

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All the benefits of doors sliding outside the wall

Why choose a door sliding outside the wall to refurbish your home? This type of door offers countless benefits:

  • they are easy and quick to install: unlike pocket sliding doors, they do not require any frames to be walled into the wall and do not require invasive and expensive construction work to be carried out;
  • versatility: they can have one or two leaves, matt or glazed, smooth or decorated, and be fitted with different types of track, either exposed or concealed, depending on the desired styling effect;
  • they can be full-height and tailor-made, successfully solving specific architectural issues;
  • they take up little space when they open because they move by shifting parallel with the wall;
  • they allow rooms with different functions to communicate, especially if they are very large and spacious. In some cases they can replace the actual walls, becoming sistemi di design designer systems with superior decorative value;
  • if the leaves are glazed, light passes through them and lights up the room, which is extremely handy in windowless or poorly-lit settings, such as broom cupboards and corridors. They can there fore be used to separate the living room from the bedrooms;
  • Bertolotto’s external sliding doors can be made in a variety of materials to adapt to any context, to match the other doors in your home or play with contrasts.
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The materials we offer you, browse our offering

In wood, laminate, lacquered, all-glazed, but also glass and wood or metal, the combinations of materials and finishes are truly endless in Bertolotto’s catalogue of doors sliding outside the wall.
Whether they are classic, modern or designer, here are the various models in production:

  • in wood: with a smooth or relief decorated, pantographed or engraved panel, with stylised designs and silhouettes (Metro Map line) or harmonious, recalling natural images (25° by Arnaudo and Natura 3D line) or geometric and understated (Geometrica range), or which bring to mind celestial stars (Costellazioni collection), or instead a vintage style (Corten doors) or imprinted with sand sculptures (Casa Zen), Bertolotto’s wooden doors are unique, special, precious, made in sturdy and stable genuine wood, in wood finish or lacquered glossy or matt;
  • in textured laminate: Materik, Grafite, Trame are the three effetto legno (wood look) collections with a modern and trendy design, comprising doors that are resistant to knocks, scratches and dirt, as well as being lightweight and affordable. While the resemblance to genuine wood is striking thanks to the relief grain patterns, the surface of the leaf is structured, textured, soft and velvety to touch. What about the finishes? In the trendiest colours available. The sliding panels can be completely matt, or embellished with inserts in safety glass, in attractive colour variants and processing;
  • in glass: the most scenic, the most precious and intriguing. The models made entirely of glass or with a metal or wood or textured frame exude a special charm, because the game of light and shadow they create with natural and artificial light changes constantly throughout the day, and across the seasons. When large i size, such as the designer partition systems (Plana System and Rolling System), the brand's sliding glass doors manage to create sophisticated settings with a strong architectural appeal. The plate glass used is tempered or laminated glass, which is safe and sturdy, made even more stable by the perimeter structure and the sliding tracks.