Classic doors

  • Classic Italian Doors Bertolotto

Classic Doors, timeless charm

Bertolotto classic doors include wooden or lacquered models, solid wood or light door leaves. We produce designer doors using traditional materials. The timeless charm of wood and classic lines in modern shapes to enhance a classic and long-lasting concept. Carefully-selected raw materials, details and perfect finishing and fine accessories make every classic door unique in quality and style.

The Bertolotto decorative doors enclose various products characterized by hand-made finish by artists who work exclusively with the company: paintings in classical style, more traditional, or with gold leaf finish, up to the brand new Arabesque.

The Venezia collection of classic doors by Bertolotto includes pantographed doors with classic decorations in a contemporary and fresh style. The catalogue offers a wide range of models with different colours, shapes and wood types. Doors from this collection are pantographed and realised in three steps using diamond tools.

The collection of classic doors "Baltimora" by Bertolotto was created in 1996. It boasts soft lines, a traditional, yet contemporary, style, the beauty of real wood and hand-crafted high-quality materials. Besides sales rankings, this collection is unique for its sturdy blockboard door leaves, "wrapped" into two high-quality veneer sheets of Italian walnut, cherry, oak and tanganyika wood.

The fine collection of classic doors "Rodi" by Bertolotto shows both tradition and classic style par excellence. These are veneered solid wood doors, to resist torsions and bending and to prevent wood from cracking.