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The classical doors Bertolotto meet the tastes of those who furnishes its interior elegance and traditional values. But it adds a touch of sophistication even to modern environments and style.

The prestige of classic style doors

Classic Bertolotto doors constitute an excellence in terms of quality and style. Carefully selected raw materials, prized accessories, restyled traditional shapes and highly refined finishes transform them into timeless pieces of interior décor.

Traditional wooden doors

Our classic doors are made of solid wood or with a light leaf, available in wood or lacquered finish. There is a wide range of collections to choose from, each one distinguished by unique features that best express the charm of genuine wood. Engravings and milling, glass inserts and lacquers allow you to customise our models as you see fit, to suit your particular domestic space.

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The uniqueness of our decorative doors

We have created exclusive lines of classic doors for our most demanding customers. These are genuine works of art, hand-painted, finished with prized details, where wood is placed in the foreground, in all its natural beauty:

  • decorative doors: these models are available with the principal opening mechanisms and can be customised in their finish. The cornices can be finished in gold or silver leaf, whereas the leaves can feature distressed, coated or aged finishes and embellished with relief decorations. The style is retro but authentic, but the functionality is modern, while the taste is classic and refined, for an impressive home that enjoys being daring;
  • hand-painted: thanks to their technical and artistic expertise, our master craftsmen are in a position to create solutions that are hand-made and truly one of a kind. The solid wood used for the structure is synonymous with stability, sturdiness, durability, and the high quality of the finished product. The leaf can be smooth or pantographed. There is a wide variety of finishes and decorations to choose from, available in both gentle and sinuous floral versions as well as in more understated geometric silhouettes.
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The essence of genuine wood

Three features distinguish our classic wooden doors:

  • elegant, traditional-looking silhouettes and decorations;
  • high quality raw materials, starting with the choice of wood variants (oak, cherry, tanganyika and Italian walnut);
  • perfect blend of craftsmanship and technological innovation, teamed with superior working standards and certified production processes.

In addition to our decorative doors, we also offer:

  • blockboard doors: sturdy, high-performance, strong, where a stable core is enveloped by sheets of high-quality veneer. The fine selection of raw materials is teamed with classic silhouettes, which prove soft, traditional yet always contemporary and on-trend. The opening mechanisms can be customised;
  • solid wood collections: excellence branded Bertolotto. These are unique products, designed for those in search of superior quality interior design solutions and hand-crafted yet functional and durable elements. The wood finish line (in the most natural and refined shades of wood) and the lacquered line (block-coloured or open pore) is also available in the wood and glass version and can be customised with cornices with special profiles;
  • models in hollow-core wood, pantographed and hand lacquered. The superior production standards of our lacquer finish ensure a durable, superior quality product. The lightened structure makes the leaf easier to handle. The milling is obtained using latest-generation machinery and available in both softer and retro versions as well as in more geometric and contemporary variants. The fine detailing can be found in the models with mirror-finish glazing, while the customisation is in the rich variety of RAL and NCS colours available as standard.