Bertolotto Porte Corten


Bertolotto's Fashion CORTEN collection includes modern linear doors with rust-brown finish and optional hand-painted decorations providing a fine vintage effect. Doors are all different, original and shaded-finished. Customers can propose and choose customised decorations.

Materik Doors


The Materik collection is characterised by a new idea: despite their low price, doors are fitted with top-of-the-range elements. Colour and finishes of their scratch-resistant synthetic coatings are trendy and modern for doors to fit fresh and contemporary spaces.

Interior hinged doors metromap


MetroMap door collection includes 5 models of wooden or glass doors and linear wood panels with customisable etched decorations, to fully express a modern and dynamic style. The underground networks of the most important cities in the world are etched on their surfaces.

Bertolotto flush to wall doors


Bertolotto flush-to-wall doors are the result of the most recent research activities: these flush-to-wall doors are fully coplanar to the wall and their hinges, architraves and jambs are not visible, thus allowing to integrate minimalist solutions into the surrounding space.


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Classic Italian Doors Bertolotto

Classic doors

Realised with particular attention to details, with high quality materials and finishes the doors can be made in essence and in solid wood, or still embellished with hand-painted or hand-painted frames by experienced craftsmen.

Bertolotto Flagship Store interior doors Milan

Flagship Store Milano

Bertolotto’s official Flagship Store is in Milan, a place where we can meet Italian and foreign customers. The Store also includes an area for architects, the “Bertolotto Lab”, where professionals can develop their projects and see all the materials, finishes and colours they will use to customise inners doors so that they match with the projects.

Bertolotto Security Doors


Our priority is to ensure safety for the environment you live in. The PETRA collection of doors is specifically designed to provide resistance against burglary, protection against noise and weather conditions, so as to avoid loss of heat and excessive energy consumption.


The collaboration with leading international architects and participation with our products to the construction of major buildings are our reference. Our R & D department is working every day to find the right solution for every project, from design to technology.

Bertolotto fireproof door for residential buildings and hotels

Fireproof Doors

Built in full compliance with applicable safety regulations - with an eye for interior design principles - Bertolotto REI fireproof doors are the perfect solution for the protection of buildings and people. Fire doors for public and private buildings.

Bertolotto Modern doors fashion

Modern Doors

The collections of modern doors Bertolotto offer contemporary solutions that stand out for aesthetic and great quality. A lot of choice of materials and finishes: from the lacquered wood species, available in a rich range of colors. modern doors that follow the latest trends in interior design and are made with attention to detail and high tech manufacturing.