Space-saving opening mechanism

The sliding opening mechanism eradicates the overall dimensions of typical hinged doors, allowing you to recover much of the space inside your home. What’s more, you can opt for two different door types: sliding inside or outside the wall.

Characteristics and benefits of these models

When should a sliding door be installed?
Let’s find out what the benefits are:

  • it brings together two settings designed to be separate. An open-plan living room becomes more functional if the rooms with different intended uses are separated by extremely large double-leaf sliding elements, capable of providing continuity when necessary and of separating and creating privacy when needed;
  • it is effective in small spaces. By eradicating the radius of aperture of the hinged leaf, it optimises spaces, making them easier to furnish and more comfortable and welcoming. Think how practical it can be in a small bathroom or in a long, narrow one, in a storage room, a laundry room or storage under the stairs, as well as in a kitchenette or in a room with a peculiar geometric shape, which is difficult to furnish;
  • variety of materials, finishes, details, all of which customisable. You can choose between elegant wooden models, in wood finish or lacquered, smooth, decorated or engraved, classic, modern or designer, made of glass or synthetic materials, in order to achieve your very own interior design in an original and harmonious way;
  • variety of dimensions: in addition to the standard dimensions, you can opt for mini or maxi solutions, in width and in height, with one or two leaves, completely bespoke.

Opening type

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Doors sliding outside the wall

What are the characteristics of doors sliding outside the wall?

  • they are easy to install and do not require any masonry work. Indeed, the leaf slides along the wall, outside it, thanks to a track which is secured to the upper part of the wall;
  • they don’t have any edge covers or frames, and therefore feature a minimal, clean-cut design which leaves the styling of the door in the foreground;
  • they are highly customisable. We have coined several types of tracks to meet different styling needs. In fact, our catalogue envisages both traditional and special sliding systems, such as: cushioned tracks to maximise safety of use, mechanisms with an elegant and classic design, systems made of steel, with a technical and modern look, as well as concealed runners, which are completely invisible, enhancing the star role played by the sliding panel. Several models of shifting doors can then be paired with each track: wood or glass, complete with handles and very heterogeneous technical details.
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Pocket sliding doors

How do pocket sliding doors work? Let’s take a closer look:

  • the leaf shifts inside the wall, disappearing from view, thanks to the presence of a special counterframe which is recessed into the wall;
  • masonry work is required for their installation, so they are ideal during refurbishment work to make your home more functional;