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Wood has always been used for the production of doors, furniture, accessories and window frames. Thanks to its characteristics, it can be used with different techniques to create sturdy and robust products that never fall out of date.

Types of interior wooden doors

Wooden doors are not created equal.
We can classify them by style: classic, modern or designer, by type of finish or opening mechanism, but also according to their interior structure, a fundamental feature to understand the quality, strength, styling and functionality.

Why choose a door made of wood?

Choosing this type of door has its undeniable benefits.
We have pinpointed 3 of them:

  • natural appeal: This is an eco-friendly choice, as it were, but only if the raw material has a certain and certified origin and if the processing takes place with respect for mankind and the environment. Here at Bertolotto, we are committed to this, since our sophisticated production processes are responsible, with a low environmental impact as well as ethical. This is demonstrated by the many certifications we have achieved. Moreover, our wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the raw materials we select have low formaldehyde emissions;
  • high styling value: the wooden finish lends the surroundings warmth, making them even more welcoming. The endless surface customisation possibilities, thanks to the lacquering, the engravings, the decorations, the finishes and the “bespoke” options mean every setting can truly be unique. Our models are in fact conceived for a clientèle wishing to surround themselves with long-lasting, attractive and exclusive items of interior décor, capable of enhancing the value of their home;
  • outstanding quality in terms of hard-wearing resistance, stability, and thermal and acoustic insulation. All these factors increase indoor comfort, improving the well-being of the home’s occupants.

Opening type

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3 different types of processing

Solid Wood Doors

They’re a classic par excellence, built to stand the test of time. These products are still hand-crafted, offering superior quality and impeccable workmanship. Sturdy, stable, durable, stylish, unique and natural, these solid wood doors are popular among those customers who love the authentic appeal of genuine wood teamed with a traditional and refined taste. Indeed, domestic settings can be embellished with artistic, engraved, decorated and hand-painted models, made of solid wood and embellished with distressing treatments, finely crafted by cabinet-makers and specialist artists. Equally top quality are our classic doors, whose distinguishing feature is the presence of irregular yet mesmerising and characteristic grain patterns, which make each product unique. Our rich catalogue contains a variety of wood finishes, finishes and glazed solutions to accommodate any particular style.

Blockboard Doors

These are made using technology that makes it possible to combine modern styling, full functionality and all the quality of genuine wood. Specifically, it is a structure consisting of strips of wood bonded at a right angle to one another, in order to guarantee maximum stability over time, covered by two prized sheets of wood veneer. These products are suitable for any interior design style, made with top-quality raw materials, which boast the prestigious Made in Italy marking, like all our collections, and above all provide excellent value for money. These qualities can be found in the impeccable details, such as the presence of rounded, solid and soft edges.

Hollow-core Wood Doors

When a wooden door is also affordable. The prerogative of this technology is the presence of a light, yet strong and stable core featuring a honeycomb structure, finished off by two outer faces in 5/8 mm thick MDF (also referred to as a sandwich structure). The styling possibilities are extensive in terms of wood finishes, lacquers and finishes: ranging from the more understated and modern modes, to lacquered and pantographed doors whose decorations recall natural elements, through to engraved panels with geometric shapes or more classic models, to accommodate all possible tastes. One feature which all Bertolotto products share is the Catas certification of our lacquers, which can be defined as superior quality, because they are extremely resistant to abrasions, detergents and liquids. What’s more, for those in search of greater acoustic comfort, there is the chance to order the version with a soundproofing filling for many of these models, granting a noise abatement of a generous 29 dB.

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How to look after this type of door?

What are the rules for perfect wooden door care?

  • dust the surfaces often to avoid dirt and dust deposits, which are especially evident in pantographed models with relief and protruding parts;
  • sanitise the handles on a regular basis, disinfecting them with a specific spray to eliminate fingerprints and prevent bacteria settling;
  • wash them on a regular basis, but dust them first. Our advice is to remove stains when they are still fresh, without waiting for the dirt to penetrate in-depth, proving much harder to remove. The use of neutral detergents is recommended. Whereas the use of aggressive, abrasive detergents and those commonly used for cleaning wooden furniture should be avoided, as these could dull the surface and leave scratches and ring marks. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, such as mixing washing-up liquid with water (only a small percentage of washing-up liquid is required);
  • some extra tips: it is always best to test the chosen detergent on an inconspicuous corner of the door before proceeding, to check its reaction. If the solution is safe, you can continue, avoiding the use of too much water, which could damage the wooden panel. Also remember that not all wood finishes and finishes are the same. Appropriate care should therefore be taken according to the type of wood. All our wood finish and lacquered doors are easy to clean, because they are made with top-quality materials, processed with the finest technology and do not require much care.