Wooden Doors

The Wooden Doors

Doors are different in design, structure and external finish. 
Wooden door structures may be of different types and different technologies: solid wood, blockboard or double-panel. 

- Solid wood: veneered or laminated solid wood for long-lasting stability.
This technology is used to produce Antikè and Rodi.
- Blockboard wood: perpendicularly-glued wooden strips for long-lasting stability.
This technology is used to produce Baltimora and Baltimora New.
- Double-panel wood: sandwich structure with light interior.
This technology is used to produce Fashion, Natura, Costellazioni, Casa Zen, Venezia.
The external wooden finish is made using fine wood veneer to cover door elements with different materials, colours and finishing.

Interior door models

In order to complete the intimacy of a domestic environment and to allow the passage between two adjacent rooms, the internal doors are powerful elements regarding functionality, but also regarding the aesthetic role they play. For this reason, our production includes many models, different in terms of structure, finish and style. Wooden hinged doors, to be pushed or pulled, are the most used and versatile and can be considered as perfect evergreen solutions in almost all contexts. There are also different products made of laminate or glass, which are available with different opening systems, such as: sliding and folding, or complanar with a minimal design.

Interior door models

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Wooden interior doors

Wood, which has always been considered as the first raw material for the production of furniture, fixtures and household items, is also appreciated in the world of interior doors. The robustness of raw wood, its stability and its fexibility regarding the various working techniques, then combined with the many essences present in nature and the different and innovative machines for the production of doors, allowed us to formulate a wide catalog of many different products. Our wooden doors can be classified in style categories: classical, modern and design; they are divided also according to their internal structure: solid, rolled or tambourine. What's more, there are several types of finishes: lacquered in glossy, opaque or natural essence, with smooth or decorated surfaces.

Modern interior doors

While formulating our catalog about various wooden doors collections, the ones with a modern character are more numerous. The current style imposes, in fact, peculiar and sometimes eccentric solutions, with bright colours and decorations, such as vivid drawings and chromatic contrasts with the rest of the environment; anyway, at the same time, an opposite tendency, that has been central for several years, imposes minimal lines and essential panels, optionally enriched by clean geometrical engravings. Customization is then the power of some of our collections, because the panels can be embellished with drawings provided by the same customer. There are also solutions with retractable hinges, elaborate frames and precious handles, in order to costumize every model.

Solid wood doors

From a stylistic point of view, our classic wooden doors are diametrically opposed. These are doors made with a solid slab or a lamellar structure, which is a particularly strong and durable solution. Even though they unleash features of a style from the past, these collections are made with the latest generation technologies, which allow precise engravings and details that show the irregular veins of the natural essences. The wide range we offer goes from the smooth lacquering to the open-pores of the antique finishes, as well as from flat panels to three-dimensional structures, completed with essential inserts.

Drum wood doors

In addition to the solid wood, our wooden doors can have a substructure with slats, which are a perfect puzzle made of wooden strips that makes the door durable, or a tambourine base, characterized by a sandwich made of wood slabs and lightweight material within them. In regard to the handling qualities of the panels of these doors, if compared to the solid types, the drum solutions result the best option. In our stores you will be able to find out which are the collections that have this type of structure rather than another, understand the price differences and the quality of the materials used.

Wooden door decorations

The great versatility and workability of wood, makes it possible to create artistic handmade doors, even if this is especially true for classical style products, which are particularly elaborate and peculiar. Indeed, in our classical wooden doors collections, both pantographed and smoothed models can be enriched by hand-painted details, made of bright or pastel tones and finished in gold or silver elements. Each door, therefore, is unique because the decoration is decided at the time of order and, for that reason, we are synonymous of high quality of products.

Cost of doors

The use of fine raw materials for both finishes and structures, the precious craftsmen's works of decoration for classical wooden doors, the use of the latest technologies that allow the composition of elaborate engravings, the bright or three-dimensional colourations, the peculiar details, the presence of many costomizable accessories and the innovative and intelligent opening systems allowed us to formulate a wide catalog of high quality. Although our creations coincide with high standards, our strength is still the low cost of our products.

Sliding wooden doors and glass

A perfect blend of materials, in order to costumize enviroments in style and functionality, is represented by wood and glass. Our wooden doors, both classical and modern, can have panels "crossed" by vertical glass sections, which highlight the brightness and the game of lights and shadows, transparencies and very peculiar shades of colours inside the rooms. These solutions are suitable in order to separate the sleeping area from the daytime environment, to bring light to blind corridors, or to make kitchen comunicate with the living room, while maintaining intimacy and visual continuity between these two domestic environments.

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