• Bertolotto flush to wall doors

Doors flush with the wall, extremely clean

Flush-to-wall doors provide the utmost formal linearity: no frames, nor visible jambs and perfect integration into the walls. Available with hinged or sliding opening, flush-to-wall doors can be highly customised: if painted in the same colour, they blend into the wall, or can be made of glass for the sake of light formal lines, or show the best finish to adapt to personal tastes and the surrounding space. Bertolotto flush-to-wall doors offer highly versatile solutions, thanks to their coplanar frame, which is incorporated in the wall, thus meeting the requirements of both interior and workplace design. These minimalist doors, with coplanar frame incorporated in the wall, offer some interesting opportunities for interior design in the workplace, as well as at home. They match with any contemporary style, with beautiful and cutting-edge technical solutions.

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Walldoor Massima, coplanar flush-to-wall doors. The aluminium frame is incorporated in the wall and integrates the jambs; it can be painted in the same colour as the wall. Door leaves may be wood lacquered or painted using wall paint, to blend into the surrounding environment.

Walldoor Minima, coplanar flush-to-wall doors. Aluminium frames are fitted into masonry or plasterboard walls, therefore doors are flush to the surrounding wall, with no visible frames nor architraves. Door leaves can be painted to match with the room colours or can be selected from Bertolotto collections.

Nicchie e Armadi, the closing system for wardrobes, storerooms and niches. Aluminium frames are contained in the wall and door leaves are flush to the wall. Small spaces become important functional elements, which integrate into the designers’ projects for the surrounding environment, in a minimalist way.

Sliding minimal doors, without frame. The door slides inside the wall, without frames, and can be supplied with overlapping and varnished primer on the subject with the surrounding environment, or choose from all the models in the Bertolotto collections. Choice of round and rounded handles and hooves.

Filomuro doors coplanar to the wall. The aluminum frame incorporated in the plasterboard wall and can be painted like the wall. The door is flush with the wall. The door leaf can be lacquered in wood or painted with wall paint, to integrate into the surrounding environment.

Closing doors for hatches, coordinated with doors and closets of the Flush-to-wall project, for a uniform design in which functionality and aesthetics acquire the same importance. The horizontal or vertical hatches close the technical compartments of the walls and ceilings and are made with a painted finish.

The Walldoor Surface Metals are created using a special paint mixed with metallic particles and surface treated with oxides and acid etching. The paint, which is applied in several coats, is mixed with a high percentage of metals that produce a surface with a realistic effect both to see and touch, including the magnetic effect for the Iron finish.