The benefits of a glass door

Choosing a glass door for your home means being able to separate rooms without compromising on brightness. This stylish and sophisticated material lets light through and reflects it. It is therefore definitely recommended for dark and small rooms. The transparency and lightness of glass also turn the door into an item of designer interior décor, which blends in seamlessly with contemporary style. Glass doors are also extremely versatile: the leaf can be made in various colours or even embellished with engravings and decorations.

  • the metal framework which allows the door to slide is available in various models. There are in fact elements for plasterboard walls and others designed for brick walls ready to be plastered;
  • unlike systems which slide outside the wall, these do not occupy space on the sliding wall, providing greater furnishing freedom;
  • they have a perimeter frame and an edge cover to match the other doors in the home, in order to make the setting harmonious and coordinated;
  • our catalogues definitely contain the model that best suits your interior design taste. Indeed we offer classic models in solid wood, as well as lighter, more modern and affordable solutions in laminate, as well as charming and special pocket glass doors, which let light pass between two adjoining rooms.

Why buy a sliding glass door

If in addition to offering you all the benefits of glass the door is also a sliding door, this will be the perfect solution for separating domestic settings while saving valuable space. Without occupying any space when they are opened, as is the case with hinged doors, sliding doors are available in two versions: pocket or sliding outside the wall. The former leave the wall free, so it can be furnished with wardrobes, sideboards and bookcases. The latter are suitable when the counterframe cannot be installed in the wall: the leaf slides visibly and parallel with the wall; the frame can be visible or concealed.

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The benefits of this type of interior door

All the benefits of glass combined with the practicality of sliding systems, sliding glass doors are a brilliant opportunity to exploit in refurbishment work and new builds.
Let’s see why you should choose them:

  • the door has a trendy and modern design, capable of enhancing the style of the home, adding beauty and versatility;
  • if it is double-leaf and large in size (as in Bertolotto glass partitions), they join settings with different intended uses together, leaving them free to be separated if need be. Imagine an open-plan living room where you need to separate the kitchen and its odours and flavours from the living room;
  • doors that slide inside the wall have the benefit of the leaf disappearing into the wall when open (for instance the Colorado collection), while doors that slide outside the wall feature a track (exposed or concealed) along which the glazed panel slides parallel with the wall (as in the Plana System collection). This type of door does not require any masonry work (unlike the former) and is easy to install;
  • for sophisticated and modern design projects, you can also rely on pocket sliding flush-fitting solutions, (such as the Inside Filomuro line) without a frame or edge covers, which are extremely minimal and eye-catching;
  • the glass allows light to filter through from one room to the next and the different processing of the pane allows games of light, colours, and highly sophisticated and particular reflections to be created. The sliding glass door is therefore the ideal solution for corridors, broom cupboards and walk-in wardrobes;
  • the plate glass used in Bertolotto glass doors is tempered or laminated safety glass, with a thickness of 8 mm, making it strong, stable and safe;
  • the customisation of the glass panels is extensive, not just in terms of size but also styling. The plate glass can be ordered in extra-large dimensions and oversized heights (up to the ceiling) and be made in various colours, processing, including artistic, to accommodate any interior design style.
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What type of glass does Bertolotto offer for its sliding doors?

The Bertolotto catalogue of plate glass available for sliding doors is particularly rich and varied. Classic and elegant projects or on the contrary modern designer ones can be achieved without compromise, relying on different types of plate glass panes:

  • extra clear and transparent: the ideal solution to give the utmost visual continuity to settings;
  • decorated with watercolours in molten glass for those in pursuit of an artistic door, which gives rise to sophisticated games of silhouettes, colours and reflections that change at different times of the day;
  • satin finish or sand-blasted, impeccable for preserving privacy between one room and the next. Light continues to filter through gently and discretely, but items and people on the other side of the sliding glass are barely noticeable. The surface of the leaf proves velvety, smooth and matt;
  • coloured: the plate glass can be lacquered in many different colours, compromising the transparency a little but the gleam and reflection of the pane make the surroundings brighter. As an alternative to lacquer, the glass can come in a coloured yet transparent finish, in smoked, bronze, grey, white and mirror-finish. Alternatively, for sophisticated designer solutions, you can opt for 3D, metal or fabric effects (white or natural Linen);
  • engraved: in addition to having a customisable finish (transparent, satin finish or coloured), the pane also has decorative cuts which give rise to light yet textured designs, with geometric silhouettes and regular patterns, or with sinuous and romantic designs, with weaving and curves that make the door play the starring role in the room. There are many variations in décor, both classic and contemporary.