PantoIncise modern doors are made with bas-relief engravings. Perpendicular strokes follow one another in refined geometric designs that enhance the lacquered surfaces.

PANTOINCISE interior doors are are produced with water-based paints to reduce the environmental impact and to guarantee the brilliance of the finish over time. All BP, NCS and RAL colors are availbale for this type of door.

These doors are also available in glass and in 18 different types of opening: from traditional hinged doors to the most modern doors with Phantom sliding external wall opening.



Graphic lines design on our modern doors personalize every single interpretation and they adapt well to the style of the more modest and versatile environments.

Parallel and orthogonal lines mark the geometric backgrounds, the engravings on the lacquered interior doors can also be taylor made.


High quality lacquering, CATAS certified, is available in all the BP, RAL and NCS colors.

Standard pocket hinges and magnetic lock.

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