Casa Zen Collection of Interior Doors

The Casa Zen collection of Design Doors is the successful result of the cooperation between the artist Elio Garis and Bertolotto.

Every door is as unique as a work of art.

All models from this collection are decorated with sand sculptures, colored and moulded by hand by the artist. The design is inspired by traditional and natural Japanese stone gardens, a true synthesis between simplicity and harmony. The collection includes seven models with different shapes and colors, always up with the latest palette trends.

Ultimately, completing the collections, we also provide doors whose glass panes imitate the recurring Casa Zen lines and styles. Casa Zen glasses can also be fitted on other different doors from Bertolotto collections.


Inside my works of art, I research the line, the continuity of the shape, the harmony, the serenity. I really don’t know if it is correct talking about the serenity of the shape, but it is a concept that I feel as it was. I think it represents the creation of shape.


The artistic process is something magic that links the artist with his art works. It is a kind of spiritual connection.

When I’m working on a work of art the relationship is never unidirectional: when I’m creating something, sometimes it’s the matter that leads me somewhere. It is a relationship with a component that becomes real trough my hands.

Little by little, the work of art becomes independent, it is like we are growing up together. But at the moment, thinking about my history, I reconignise how the creation of sands changed myself.

It is like a mantra, a kind of prayer to with I opened up my subconscious.

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