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Flush-to-wall Doors

Flush-to-wall doors are minimalist opening systems, whose frame is fitted inside masonry or plasterboard walls, with no external architraves.
Flush-to-wall elements may include hinged doors and pocket sliding doors.
In the most minimalist layout, door leaves are painted to match the surrounding walls, so as to perfectly blends into a modern and essential-looking environment.
Modern lacquered or wooden doors, with Walldoor frame, can also be installed.

Inside doors without chassis

As definition, doors are inroads that allow the communication among the rooms of the house, which are separated from each other by walls. This description highlights the purely functional nature of these products. But for those who are wishing to expand this concept and elevate these systems to minimal design elements, which are able to perfectly mix the style of your domestic environment, doors flush to kerb are the perfect furnishing solution. This peculiar type of door is, in fact, a great success because of its essential lines and the fact that they allow a great personalization of enviroments.

Inside doors without chassis

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Satin wall door

But what is the design's secret of the flush to kerb doors? The absence of visible frames and frameworks gives a result of extreme formal cleanliness to these doors. The panel is thus shaped to the wall, which becomes the protagonist of the room. The camouflage of the door with the wall then, only exposes the thin cut on the wall that identifies the position of the panel, which can be realized with the same finish used for the wall. Our catalog gives interesting solutions, which are different because of mechanisms, dimensions and finishes.

Door wall wire

Our flush to wall doors can be installed on both masonry walls and plasterboard surfaces, thanks to the presence of the reversible frame that leaves you free to decide, whenever you want, the door's opening direction. The chassis then is characterized by the fact that it can be complanar with the wall and incorporated in it. It is therefore obvious to forecast a few renovation works to replace a traditional door with a flush to kerb one. Their use is then particularly suitable for camouflaging the presence of technical elements or underfloor compartments and to create openings for niches and wardrobes.

Wall-hung sliding doors

Other possibilities of choice, offered by our collection of flush to kerb doors, can be found in the type of finish of the door and in the type of opening system it has. The panel can be left untreated to be harmonized with the wall finish with paintings, wall papers and decorations, or it can be made of glass or wood, depending on the selected model. Instead, the opening type can be hinged or sliding. The latter is sold with a peculiar container, with no visible elements, which must be plastered during the construction works. Sliding doors surely bring several advantages: modern and minimal design, smooth and continuous flow between the domestic spaces and no waste of space.

Economic Wall Wires

Remaining on the theme of flush to wall doors' finish, some models among our laminated doors collection can also be made of sliding panels. In this way, combine the essential style of our products with competitive prices is now possible. The door will be covered with synthetic scratch-resistant materials, durable and practical, in one of the many chromatic shades and finishes available from the sample. When the door moves inside the wall, the absence of covers and jambs leaves the wall perfectly blank, free from any mechanical item, and your eye would visualize a perfectly clean work of masonry.

Full height doors

Our flush to kerb doors are realized in a standard size of 80 cm in width and 210 cm in height, but they can also be costumized, especially in the full-height version. This latest type of door presents a panel that covers the entire wall, from the floor to the ceiling, in a particularly innovative and minimalist aesthetic solution. For these design products we offer a thicker door leaf than the traditional one, more robust and equipped with a greater number of anchoring elements and hinges, in order to ensure the maximum door stability.

Prices door wall wire

If you are searching for more details about our flush to wall doors collection, you can contact our stores. Thanks to our staff you will be followed during every stage of the renovation and find out pieces of advise, always respecting your choises of style, your personalized projects and the typologies of opening systems and finishes you prefer. Last but not least, you will be able to discover the high quality of our products and the wide variety of lines and models in our catalog. You will determine your own budget for the selected doors, which will allow you to know any price variant, both for the doors and for their installation.

Wall-mounted door mounting kit

All the installation works should be done by qualified teams, which will be able to correct any imperfection, both in the wall and in the chassis, and then complete a standard installation. To achieve this, we provide a universal kit that includes anchoring elements and spacers for both masonry and plaster walls. In addition, the installation equipment includes a mineral fiber grid to be united to the frame before the plastework, in order to avoid the cracking of the surface and the spinning, that may occur while using the door.

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