DOOR IL LOVE: Love wins over War

Door is Love is a creative project that “opens the doors” to a better world, where love triumphs over war. Born from the intuition of Claudio Bertolotto, this concept sees the collaboration of the leading door production company with artist Marco Nereo Rotelli and Ever in Art, a benefit company that promotes virtuous messages and projects through art. Door is Love is created to bring a positive message inside homes, where the door represents a gateway, a passage to a better world where love conquers all. This is the thought that inspired Rotelli, already the author of numerous installations where doors have been protagonists for their ability to be a turning point. With his unmistakable stylistic signature, the artist signs a special edition of designer doors with poetic verses designed to transform the doors into works of art, carriers of beauty and messages of love.

Door is Love is an exclusive collection of 10 doors, with different lacquering, in a new range of colors and finishes, where poetic verses are inscribed with Marco Nereo Rotelli's unmistakable stylistic signature. Each door in the Door is Love edition is characterized by exclusive details, a true work of art created by the artist to enhance and make all spaces unique. For a greater aesthetic impact, we recommend a door of 80x240 cm that becomes a true design element, capable of characterizing the environment with style and personality. You can choose from a wide range of colors to perfectly adapt it to your taste and the decor of your home.


Door is Love makes its debut at the 2024 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, with an installation at the FuoriSalone, the global reference point for the design industry. During Design Week, the streets of Milan pulse with creativity, with events spread throughout the urban territory, where spaces transform into living works of art and each installation promises to inspire and amaze. In the Cortile d'Onore of the Università degli Studi di Milano, inside the event Interni Cross Vision, the pulsating heart of Design Week, Bertolotto exhibits a monumental work of art by Marco Nereo Rotelli, produced by Ever in Art. The work consists of a large golden portal, made up of a limited series of gold-painted doors embellished with poetic verses that will characterize the special edition Door is Love. The luminous portal, where the golden doors "speak" with poetic verses about the concepts of love, merges with a tank painted in blue, in a metamorphosis that transforms it into an "a(r)med tank," no longer an expression of war. "Door is Love is a creative project that aims to spread a positive message of hope and peace, emphasized through the communicative power of art," declares Celia Stefania Centonze, partner of Ever in Art. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof. Riccardo Valentini, already a partner of Ever in Art in several projects, expressed his trust in the new generations in his inaugural speech: "Wars are decided by older people living in a wrong world, full of weapons, blood. I am convinced that the sentiment of the new generations is more open to sociality and understanding diversity."

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