Why choose white interior doors

White doors are a strategic choice which is fool-proof, because they fit in with any style and setting with utmost ease. Moreover, there come in multiple models, types and materials. So any interior design project, budget and domestic need can be met.

How to fit modern white doors in various rooms

Let’s look at how they can blend in with any context thanks to their versatility:

  • classic door: total white can blend in with an elegant and sophisticated setting, or with a vintage retro one just as well. In this case, the perfect fit are pantographed, relief decorated, engraved models, made of solid wood or blockboard, such as those from Bertolotto’s Laccate a Mano line (including the Chapeau collection), which showcase significant features, distinguishing traits and sophisticated details. They are absolutely wonderful when teamed with parquet floorboards fitted according to a herringbone pattern furnished with wooden and marble vintage pieces;
  • modern or designer: flush-fitting or minimal with no frills (such as the Baltimora New collection), this type is a great match for large-size stoneware floors with a resin concrete or stone effect, and those in natural wood or varnished in floorboard size, with coloured or wallpapered walls.

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Our offering in various materials

The Bertolotto catalogue boasts an extensive range of various white doors:

  • lacquered: a classic finish, a safe bet in terms of durability, stability, solidity, styling and hard-wearing resistance. The Laccate a Mano doors can have a smooth, glossy or matt leaf, or an engraved, pantographed one (in traditional style like the PantoClassica model, or trendy like the Pantonext or Pantoquadra line). The lacquers are applied according to superior standards of quality and also certified, to guarantee safety of use, health protection and environmental sustainability;
  • in laminate: lightweight and affordable, they are made to professional standards to withstand stresses, knocks, dirt and scratches. Modern and on-trend, they have a textured finish which is the perfect fit in a young and elegant home. Materik, Trame, Grafite are the three collections which distinguish the brand, each one distinctive thanks to specific design features;
  • in glass and wood: the transparent inserts on the wooden panel create textured and chromatic contrasts on the leaf, allowing the light to pass through in an unconventional manner. The glass doors match the white doors in the rest of the home, generating visual and stylistic continuity. There are multiple styling variants within each different collection (Baltimora and Baltimora New, Grafite, Trame, Alaska, to name but a few). The glass used is always strong safety plate glass, a generous 8 mm thick.
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When to choose a white armoured door

For a matching, modern interior design project, your front door should also match the interior doors, and a white armoured door is a universal solution that fits in with any surroundings, which is one of its many benefits.
Bertolotto presents a generous three collections of security doors: Titano, Secur and Fortezza, three lines for the same number of protection needs. These models are certified, guaranteeing a barrier against break-ins, while also providing acoustic and thermal insulation:

  • Titano features a double metal sheet to guarantee class 4 resistance to break-ins, and is therefore ideal for detached and isolated homes. The exterior and interior covers can be customised according to the interior door models. In total white comes the Baltimora and Fashion CL bianco lacquered cover;
  • Secur on the other hand features a single interior metal sheet and ensures class 3 resistance, making it ideal for apartment buildings and isolated homes. There are also 3 available versions with different types of hardware. Among the interior covers with a classic mood, there is the Venezia Pantoquadra bianco lacquered panel, while the Materik bianco silk lacquered cover is modern and understated;
  • Fortezza features models in class 4 made with a single metal sheet, ideal in a host of different domestic contexts. With one or two leaves, with engraved or smooth covers, all the doors can be customised with three different service lock fittings.

Stability, security, performance, resistance to weather and refined styling are the distinguishing features of the three lines of Bertolotto armoured doors.