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Are you looking for high quality doors for your home or office? Browse our Designer Interior Doors and request our catalogues.

Our designer doors

The door as a meeting point between architecture and furniture, from a purely functional feature to an object with a strong styling content, this is how designer doors are made. Bertolotto embraces this trend with innovative solutions for artistic doors and sliding systems.

The door as an architectural feature

Designer doors stand out for their impressive materials (natural wood, lacquered wood and safety glass), for the extra-large leaves, which are often all-glass, for the presence of slim metal profiles and for the reliable, cushioned opening mechanisms.

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Our sistemi di design designer systems

Walk-in wardrobes, fully glazed partition walls and doors that slide inside and outside the wall, made of wood or glass: these are the items which make up our catalogue of sistemi di design designer systems. Let’s go into detail:

  • partitions: for both the home and the office. Tempered safety glass plays the starring role in these special interior designs, where the traditional masonry wall has been replaced by lighter, gleaming, transparent and elegant plate glass surfaces. The presence of stylised yet sturdy metal profiles, with a customisable finish, ensures safe use, minimal design and clean-cut shapes;
  • sliding systems: the tracks are fitted on the ceiling, recessed or wall-mounted, allowing large plate glass or solid wood panes to slide, either outside or inside the wall. Every element is impeccably devised, from the handles to the frame profiles. The cushioned closing mechanisms ensure safe use, as does the presence of laminated or tempered glass. The dimensions can be customised, just like the leaf finishes. The glazed leaves with metal sectors are extremely sophisticated. They can also be fitted with vertical or horizontal strips to create spectacular games of light and shadow;
  • wardrobes: glazed leaves can also be used on wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes to generate sophisticated, stylish and special interior design solutions. The opening mechanisms are hinged, sliding and folding, to limit overall dimensions. The dimensions and finishes of the metal profiles are bespoke, as are the plate glass panes. We have also designed accompanying wooden internal storage elements, which can be accessorised as desired.
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Our range of designer doors

Our catalogue of designer doors also consists of artistic models, made in partnership with major designers.
These doors are made of processed sand, embellished with molten glass and engraved patterns, with sinuous or geometric silhouettes, crafted like genuine works of art. There are also understated plate glass flush-fitting doors, with one or two leaves. These models are unique, made in a wide range of versions, to make every domestic space precious and personalised.

  • our plate glass doors are minimal yet precious. Glass takes up the entire surface of the leaf and extremely light aluminium profiles frame the passageway;
  • our wooden doors can be customised in their design, allowing you to extend your interior design project by ordering matching full-wall boiserie. The lacquers are matt or glossy mirror-finish, with a host of different opening mechanisms. The structures are sturdy, while the engravings are light and understated. Certain models can be made without handles, but instead with special magnetic latches which emphasise the design of the door element.