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Design doors: architectural elements to define spaces

In the evolution of interior design, doors have acquired a strong aesthetic value, in addition to their practical function. Interior doors are now the meeting point between architecture and furniture and represent the interpretation of current principles of living. Bertolotto expresses this trend through its designer's doors, which include art doors: sand sculptures, molten glass, polyester-glossy lacquered etched doors or mat finishing.  25 by Arnaudo, Costellazioni and Casa Zen are Bertolotto’s collections by architect Gianni Arnaudo and artist Elio Garis. The Arabesque and MetroMap collections produced by our R&D group are our new entries. 25° collection is inspired by tree-lined avenues. Casa Zen boasts sand sculpture decorations, inspired by Zen philosophy and hand-made just like real sculptures. The Arabesque design is inspired by architecture in the Arab world and shows complex and lavish decorations. Costellazioni collection is inspired by the sky and some geometrical patterns are etched on door leaves. Similarly, the underground maps of the most important cities in the world are etched on the doors from the MetroMap collection. Thanks to the Individual Project, customers can chose a section of a large drawing to be etched on their MetroMap doors. An endless range of doors to make every home unique.

Artist Elio Garis produces all decorations and natural sand finishes by hand, thus setting vertically a naturally horizontal element. Doors become unique and precious works of art. Doors, wood panels and sand walls are real sculptures to decorate the most exclusive spaces.

MetroMap door collection includes 5 models of wooden or glass doors and linear wood panels with customisable etched decorations, to fully express a modern and dynamic style. The underground networks of the most important cities in the world are etched on their surfaces.

The collection of design doors by Arnaudo is the result of the cooperation between Bertolotto and architect Gianni Arnaudo. Doors and wood panels from the Boulevard and Avenue lines are decorated with a stylised tree-lined avenue.

Artist Elio Garis designed the Costellazioni collection specifically for Bertolotto. All the shapes of these 6 models of doors, wood panels and pictures remind of the essential lines in the sky. Discover your Individual project: doors can be customised by choosing their pattern to create a unique environment.

The Arabesque collection of decorated doors includes linear models made of painted or inlaid fine woods, embellished by decorations and details.