The characteristics of Bertolotto armoured doors

Designed to guarantee the security and safety of the whole family, Bertolotto armoured doors are built to high quality standards using state-of-the-art technologies. The interior and exterior styling can be customised according to your needs, to match all the brand’s interior door collections.

Security first and foremost

But how do you choose a burglar-proof door? Armoured doors must comply with specific regulations regarding thermal transmittance, acoustic insulation and, of course, break-in resistance. In fact, as well as being a barrier to break-ins thanks to special closing elements and hard-wearing surfaces, they need to improve the thermal comfort of the home, isolating the interior from heat and cold, while also protecting the home from weathering. Last but not least, they need to keep outside noise out by acoustically isolating the home. These three characteristics are summarised in classes, values and units of measurement, which should be chosen according to your needs.

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What does the quality of an armoured door depend on

There are several factors which identify the quality of an armoured door. For its security systems (Titano, Secur, Fortezza collections), Bertolotto guarantees:

  • break-in resistance which can be selected in one of the various classes defined by European regulation ENV1627. This element defines the ability of the armoured door to resist attempts to break in with closing systems and burglar-proof surfaces;
  • thermal insulation: the front door, especially the outside one, must limit the passage of cold and heat, and protect against the weather, ensuring maximum domestic comfort. The factor to be assessed is thermal transmittance: the lower this value, the greater the insulation and performance of the door, and consequently the energy savings and the indoor well-being;
  • acoustic insulation and therefore protection from external noise. The unit of measurement to look out for is the decibel; the higher this value is, the more the door limits sound diffusion;
  • customised styling: thanks to Bertolotto security doors, you will be able not only to choose the design of the exterior and interior cover panel of the armoured door, but also the handle, the frame, the intrados, in order to coordinate the interior design project according to the style of the interior doors.
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Customise the panel on your armoured door with us

State-of-the-art technology and the finest raw materials are combined with impeccable design in Bertolotto armoured doors.
As far as styling is concerned, the brand’s armoured doors feature interior and exterior cover panels that can be customised in a wide variety of finishes and colours, decorations and details:

  • The exterior cover can be ordered in various textured variants depending on the desired degree of weather resistance. PVC and aluminium panels are ideal for complete exposure outdoors, while those in marine plywood coated with outdoor paint or in MDF Hydro with outdoor lacquer are perfect if the outdoor setting is sheltered from the rain and direct sunlight (porches and canopies). There are also some great covers for indoor spaces, such as lobbies, corridors and apartment building staircases. All the panels have a thickness of 7 mm and are guaranteed for 5 years for colour changes, are CATAS certified for resistance to bonding and are guaranteed against humidity and scratches. The finishes range in colours and wood looks; the surface can be smooth or pantographed in many models;
  • the interior panel: the interior of the armoured door is equally customisable. All the collections of armoured doors (Secur, Titano, Fortezza which differ in technical characteristics and strength) can be finished in one of the many lines of Bertolotto interior doors. This means you can order engraved doors, such as those from the Natura and Costellazioni collections, or with a textured laminate finish (Materik line) or pantographed (Baltimora), but also decorated, such as the specific leaves from the Casa Zen collection.