The Rodi doors are made of solid laminated wood, a choice that, together with the craftsmanship, demonstrates the attention to tradition, central to this collection.

The models of the Rodi series meet the taste and needs of the customer who wants a more classic and high quality product.


A collection of doors created using a synergy of artisanal craftsmanship and technology for wood that will remain
stable through time. The shades of wood are completed with a range of open pore lacquers and a selection of paintings by artists who work exclusively with our company.


The Rodi door collection has its own personal sample of finishes, dedicat ed only to it, designed to enhance its rustic appearance and fulfil l the wishes of lovers of tradition.


Electa, the top of high-end doors, is a plus dedicated to those seeking the exclusivity of a qualitatively and aesthetically refined product.

Made of solid wood, it has very thick panels, a technical choice that accentuates the play of light and shadow created between the various components. The diamonds on the panels are marked, expressively important. The thicker panel evokes feelings of stability and sturdiness, while the diamond effect gives it an elegant appearance.

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