Electa Serie 8 P Open Pore Lacquered Fir

The   Rodi interior doors are made of solid laminated wood  a choice that, together with the craftsmanship, demonstrates the attention to tradition, central to this collection. The models of the Rodi series meet the taste and needs of the customer who wants a product; classic and high quality.

Each door is unique and inimitable thanks to its extraordinary naturalness; of wood, skilfully worked to obtain unique and elegant products. The doors of the Rodi series are appreciated by those who love important elements with a strong traditional charm for their home. The irregular wood grain is the element that characterizes the whole collection. The doors are available in many essences and decorations, some models are also glazed. The catalog is rich and sophisticated to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers; demanding.


The Door leaf Rhodes is consisting of uprights and crosspieces in solid or laminated wood from which is obtained the glazing bead profile. The TM OM8 &26-frame system and architrave covers; made of solid or laminated wood complete with foamed polyethylene gaskets.


Electa , the top among high-end doors, is a plus dedicated to those seeking l’ exclusivityà of a qualitatively and aesthetically refined product. Made of solid wood, it has very thick panels, a technical choice that accentuates the play of light and shadow created between the various components.

The diamonds on the panels are marked, expressively important. The thicker panel evokes feelings of stability; and sturdiness, while the play of the diamond coating gives an elegant appearance.




  • TM / OM frame in solid wood
  • ACU PLUS acoustic gaskets as standard
  • For heights over 2350mm add a 4° concealed hinge
  • Also available with NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment
  • High possibilityà customization
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Also available as a coating for armored doors
  • Matching with IDRO MDF skirting board
  • Mechanical components installed using TORX screws


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