CL Interior lacquered modern doors represents all the essence of Bertolotto products: this type of door is without windows and is the expression of simplicity that highlights the care of the lacquered finish, made with multiple passages of color for a rich and soft result.

Different type of opening are available:

  • hinged door
  • sliding pocket door
  • Doublis or Piego
  • Bidirectional 
  • sliding external wall
  • coating for security door

CL V: interior door with glass and mirrored glass insert, renew the aesthetic and the design of the door. This glass doors let the light filter through with pleasant chromatic transparency effects that characterize the rooms of the house.

DOUBLÈ available with 2/3 or 1/3 opening, the perfect idea for saving space. 

PHANTOM are our new contemporany doors, this innovative type of opening revolutionizes the idea of ​​interior doors where only the door sash is exposed.

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