Designer Wall Panelling Selection

You don’t only find wall panelling in the halls of Versailles. Indeed it has become a very chic and sophisticated decorative detail. Wall panelling comprises wall-mounted frames that can now be harmonised with various types of decoration, from the most classic to the most modern.

The Bertolotto designer wall panelling selection comprises systems of wall cladding with various decorations, to suit settings furnished in any style.

Wall panelling: characteristics

Unveiled in France between the 17th and 18th Centuries, early wall panelling was influenced by Rococo, the late-Baroque style which was very much on-trend at the time. It was initially made with panels and mouldings in wood, plaster or concrete and adorned both walls and ceilings. Widely used by royalty for the use of opulent and elegant decorative elements, early wall panelling also contributed to the thermal insulation of the room.

These days, the technique has been restyled and, in addition to wood, other materials are also used. And elements of contemporary style have been incorporated into the decorations. From the combination of classic and modern ensue settings that differ each time, always packed with glamour and personality.

Wall panelling is also used to camouflage cabinets, hidden doors or walk-in wardrobes, embellishing the walls with a unique appeal.

Wall panelling: wood and other materials

Classic wall panelling was made of wood, a material that is still widely used for this type of cladding. The choice of different wood finishes depends on the style of the home but the result is always extremely classy and elegant. The flexibility of wood enhances the value of all the architectural features present and creates a welcoming yet sophisticated environment.


For a cheaper version of wall panelling, you can opt for plaster or polystyrene, which can then be painted in the desired colour. In the bathroom and kitchen, wall panelling is not very popular but it may add character to an anonymous environment, in which case you would do better to use ceramic wall panelling.

Modern wall panelling: elegance at home

Modern wall panelling lends charm to any room in the home, sometimes becoming a backdrop and others constituting the genuine décor. As this is a classic technique, it is essential not to lose sight of the fit with the remainder of the room in order to avoid an overbearing look. Harmony among the elements is a detail not to be overlooked.

For an elegant and refined environment, simply use the same colour as your wall and ceiling for the wall panelling. This creates movement without causing the room to be a little too much.

Modern wall panelling can be a veritable work of art made for any style of interior décor. These days, you can guarantee results with a contemporary style that furnish and at the same time protect and insulate the walls.

You can also create a kind of cavity to thread wires and cables through without having to carry out intrusive construction work.

Furnishing with designer wall panelling

Well-designed wall panelling can add personality to any setting, from the dining room to the lounge, and even the bedroom. In small settings, it can decorate with style without having to fill the room with bulky furniture or other accessories. To achieve a striking decorative effect with designer wall panelling remember to use it sparingly.

Bertolotto prefabricated wall panelling consists of modular cladding systems with engraved designs and lacquered or polished finishes. Every project is tailored for unique and original environments.

Decorating with wall panelling allows you to give your home a new look with minor renovations. Bertolotto wall panelling walls can be incorporated with systems of hinged doors or pocket sliding doors, with a view to combining styling with functionality.

Wall panelling walls with smooth, slat, pantographed panels, in variable shapes and textures, with classic or contemporary decorations: the Bertolotto designer wall panelling collection is made in partnership with established designers to put together unique settings each and every time.

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