Design boiserie MetroMap Berlin

The dynamic and essential graphical nature of the subway lines of the world's largest cities inspires the design of MetroMap. Lines, curves, and geometries intersect in a synthetic representation of a complex object: a city. Details: - Borders of the IPER 4 BOARD doors on all 4 sides - Doors made of honeycomb tambour with 100% recycled paper honeycomb - Standard ACU PLUS acoustic gaskets - Concealed hinges and magnetic lock as standard - Also available with NO-GERMS antibacterial treatment - High level of customization options - Available in various opening types - Also available as cladding for armored doors - Also available on fire-resistant EI doors - Available Certified Acoustic Door - Standard adjustable anti-jump rods for heights over 2400 mm - Matching MDF IDRO skirting boards - Mechanical components installed using TORX screws.

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