A “minimal chic” collection with a textured surface distinguished by a soft in relief finish, available in a range of fashionable colours. Supplied in all versions and opening systems and suitable for the most varied environments and uses. Grafite doors are perfect for people who love their enviroment and want to be surrounded by beautiful and functional object, without negleting their final price.

Designing with glass and Grafite finishes is a creative experience that allow you to design functional coordinated spaces. Grafite Glass models have a metal perimeter frame and a glass panel with etched or 3d Grafite wood grain. Glass model are available with various opening systems, including sliding doors with ceiling or wall tracks.



Grafite realistically reproduces genuine wood, its grain and its porosity. The new finishes Blank and Gris, combined with Grano, Ghiaccio and Ghianda create a light, matt effect that makes this a sophisticated collection.

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