Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Folding Doors: Piego or Doublè Doors, the perfect solution for small spaces.
Door leaves can be folded in a symmetrical (50/50) or asymmetrical (2/3 and 1/3) way to occupy as little space as possible.
Central hinges are usually concealed, and the new concealed systems also includes coplanar door leaves and architraves.


Internal space doors

Do you have any space problem? Are your domestic rooms spatially reduced? In order to optimize the volume of your environments, you can choose some space-saving solutions, which allow you to divide the rooms visually and occupy the smallest space possible. We are talking about our products with a reduced physical and visual impact, such as sliding doors and folding doors. These two types of opening systems are suitable for rooms such as bathrooms, storage rooms and service rooms, as well as hallways and walk-in wardrobes. The aesthetic details of these products will suit the model, chosen to renovate your house, which changes only because of the different opening systems.

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Folding doors

Do you wonder when you should choose a folding door for your house? We are ready to talk about how these solutions would optimize the available space of your domestic rooms, thanks to their opening mechanism. More specifically, the door folds on itself while opening, thanks to the presence of a cut on the panel, which allows halving the size of the door. When it is not possible to rescue the needing space in the wall, where to insert the case of the internal door or to place the rail of an external slider, choosing a folding system will be the most intelligent choice.

Doors in wood book

In our catalog you will find two main types of folding doors: one characterized by a central cut on the door and the other with an asymmetrical division. Many of our wooden models are configurable with a folding mechanism, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. We are talking about staved doors with a modern and essential style, but also of doors in solid and lacquered materials, with matte or glossy finishes, brushed on open-pore, in classical version or optionally enriched by decorations, frames and details applied on the door. Therefore, it is possible to fully express your style, while solving frequent problems of space.

Door to book with glass

There are also several solutions in wood or glass with folding opening systems, which are perfect in order to solve many domestic issues. For example, just think about blind hallways and the need for illumination through a glazed mirror on the door. The minimum size of this space will no more be considered an obstacle, if you choose to own the advantage of a folding door. Our solutions include the possibility to insert tempered glass panels into wooden doors: transparent vertical cuts, available in many dimensions and finishes, will reflect the classical or modern style of individual tastes.

Cheap business doors

People who is looking for high quality products suitable for reduced spaces, which have to be economically competitive at the same time, will find in our stores of internal doors a wide range of low-priced laminated folding doors. These are solutions with synthetic scratch-resistant materials, versatile, lightweight and functional, which can combine aesthetic elements and practical needs. There are several options from the most modern design to the most classical lines. The raw materials we choose, the selection of last-generation laminates and details, the presence of retractable hinges in the central cut of the door, guarantee durable and precious products.

Doors to asymmetrical book

If the fact that folding doors occupy the least amount of space inside domestic premises is their main advantage, their most obvious disadvantage is that, when folded, they decrease the portion of space used to pass through the room. For this reason, it is necessary to meticulously study the size of the individual products and the avaiable width of space for the movements through the door, during the renovation of your domestic enviroments. This quibble can easily be solved with a careful project, which has to organize every step of the restructuring works. Our catalog of internal doors allows you to decide and adopt different folding solutions. In addition to systems that have the middle cut, we suggest the asymmetric openings, with a ratio of 1/3 and 2/3. The aesthetic detail of the model is so characterized by a vertical line, visible when the door is closed.

Sell door to book

In our stores you can be guided and receive pieces of advice by our staff, while choosing your own doors and following your restyling project. We will provide you simple suggestions or real design projects, starting from your house dimensions and your personal style. The many models of doors we display, with folding opening system, will help you maximize the surfaces of your home, which, even if is reduced in size, can be furnished with functionality, using all the avaiable space. Do not miss the possibility to take vision of all our products in our showcases and you will also be allowed to choose your new folding doors carefully and consciously.

Hardware for door to book

Among the various accessories for our folding doors, apart from the track that has to be placed under the lintel and the other small technical pieces, the central hinges are the most important elements, also reguarding the aesthetic profile of the product associated with the handles, because they allow the door to fold on itself. As standard installation, we insert retractable systems in our models, which allow the panel to show a clean and linear design. However, for an even more essential style, we offer "invisible" hinges for our doors, in order to make them complanar with the cover.

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