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Laminated doors are different in design, structure and external finish. Laminated door structures are made using different technologies: blockboard or double-panel wood. Blockboard wood: perpendicularly-glued wooden strips for long-lasting stability.

The available types

It’s easy to find the most appropriate laminate door for your home, because the available types are almost endless. They can be classified according to the opening mechanism, the style and the exterior finish. Thanks to the technological innovation which distinguishes us, we offer products with a superior styling value made with painstaking care for every detail, at competitive prices and devised to accommodate your personal interior design needs.

5 reasons to choose a laminate door

Do you know why laminate doors are so popular? They offer at least 5 benefits:

  • light weight, which translates to easy installation and handling;
  • strength and durability: this material is resistant to scratches, impact and wear, as well as waterproof and moisture-resistant (it can be used in settings such as bathrooms and kitchens). The quality of the raw materials we use to make our doors is a guarantee of a high-performing and stable product, built to stand the test of time;
  • easy to clean: antistatic, hygienic and stain resistant, laminate offers an outstanding level of resistance to chemicals found in everyday cleaning products. The closed pore surface and immunity to bacteria make it easy to care for;
  • styling variety: the new production techniques allow laminate to take on the appearance of any natural material, which is mimicked to perfection not just in the colours and finishes, but also in the three-dimensional feel. The superior degree of customisation is an enjoyable consequence of this;
  • affordability: the ease with which the material can be processed cuts production costs, giving rise to products with a winning and innovative design at affordable prices.

Opening type

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The qualities of this type of door

We can divide up laminate doors according to their structure, shape, style, finish and colour. Let’s take a look at the type of structure and identify the two different technologies utilised:

  • blockboard, which ensures maximum internal stability and durability, thanks to the strength of the wooden strips bonded at a right angle to one another;
  • hollow-core wood: whose light weight and stability are provided by the sandwich structure with a lightened core;

The perfect combination is wood and laminate. The plate glass we use is tempered safety glass, available in a variety of finishes: transparent, decorated, smooth, satin finish or milky white. The panes are inserted in the leaves in the form of modern geometric cuts or with sinuous and arched silhouettes, to satisfy the most varied style and transparency needs. Our catalogue also includes various models of designer doors made with a synthetic finish. Here are their main qualities:

  • magnetic lock, which is practical and safe, making it easier to close the leaf;
  • telescopic frame, which adapts to any wall thickness;
  • concealed hinges, which maximise the design of every model. The door appears without any visible technical features;
  • extremely textured and realistic finishes, with a strong visual impact, selected with the utmost care;
  • blockboard frames, as well as hollow-core wood frames, to ensure the product is high-end;
  • variety of opening mechanisms: from traditional hinged models, also in the two-way variant, to space-saving sliding solutions, either in a pocket inside the wall or outside the wall, without forgetting folding models, which are juts as compact, and the sophisticated and minimal and attractive flush-fitting models.
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Correct care

Owing to their physical characteristics, interior laminate doors do not require any particular attention.
Here are our tips for perfect care:

  • dust the leaf and cornices to remove all traces of dust, especially if the panel is not smooth but decorated, pantographed or if it has glass inserts;
  • clean with a soft, damp microfibre cloth and neutral detergent;
  • to avoid streaking and foam residue, which is more visible on the glossy lacquered models, don’t overdo it with either the water or the detergent and wipe the entire surface dry with a dry cloth. Alternatively, in coloured doors, you can use typical class cleaning products;
  • avoid the use of acidic and aggressive detergents which could damage the door finish irreparably.