The collection of pantographed doors, one of the most loved in Bertolotto range of products, presents the news: PANTONEXT.
5 models in a more current design, enriched by the play of light and shadows of the double working on the leaves made byst ate-of- the-art machines, that satisfy the desires and suits the tastes of an increasingly sophisticated, discerning anddemanding audience.
The mat lacquered finishings, certified by Catas against cleaners are wear resistant, rich, full, and realized with severalpassa ges in order to achieve a perfect uniformity. A wide range of colors, that includes also NCS color samples, allow a perfectmix and match between Bertolotto doors, piece of furniture and the rooms.

The hidden hing es and the magnetic lock are standard: a perfect complement for a linear and modern product with a fluid andsilent closing.
The model is available with different opening systems: hinged, pocket sliding, sliding, foldable and bi-directional, that made thedoor flexible and able to meet the needs of the contemporary spaces.V

   Venezia Pantonext: a door with classical proportions and a current and contemporary design.

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