The most up to date design where the play of light and shade is given by the double pantograph. A rich processing carried out with the latest generation machinary that creates the perfect product in order to satisfy desires and taste of the most demanding public. 

PANTONEXT matt doors are made with dfferent steps to ensure uniformity of the finish. A wide range of color available for a perfect match with the furnishing.


  • Hinged door
  • Hinged door, Tall, Mini Tall and Micro Tall frame 
  • Piego and Double Door
  • Va e vieni opening
  • Hinged flush to wall door
  • Sliding flush to wall door
  • Plana, sliding external wall
  • Phantom, sliding external wall
  • Phantom hinged door
  • Bidirectional
  • Coating for Security door

Three coats of lacquered make up the PANTONEXT door. The internal strucutre of the perimeter frame is in solid wood and the standard version its honeycomb type in 100% recycled and hot press Kraft paper with 8 mm MDG sheet.

Pantonext lacquered door are provided with TKT frame and L9/P85 trims (certificates certificati IDRO, CARB, FSC®). Available on request TR/L8 frame with soft and rounded shapes.

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