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Our hinged doors: the traditional and most frequent door opening system. Hinged doors include door leaves fitted on frames, which are mounted to the wall. The connecting hinges allow the door to move.

The classic opening mechanism for versatile doors

There’s a reason why every type of door is made with a hinged opening mechanism: because it is easy and practical to use, because it is cost-effective and hard-wearing and suitable for almost all kinds of environments without any space constraints.

The main characteristics of hinged doors

What makes a modern hinged door stand out?

  • it is based on a traditional tried and tested and safe operating mechanism. It is therefore a reliable and fool-proof choice, provided the dimensions of the door opening are correctly calculated first;
  • structurally, the leaf is secured with hinges along one of the two long sides and to open, the panel swivels through more than 90 degrees along its vertical axis. This space must be provided for at the design stage in order to organise the space well;
  • it can be made in any material, from wood to wood finish and lacquered finish, laminate and glass, and it can be adorned with any decoration or finish: smooth or with a raised panel, engraved, glossy or matt, showing the moulding and cornices or not (in the latter case, this is a flush-fitting door). What’s more, it can be fitted with one or two leaves, standard or oversized. The degree of customisation is therefore extremely high;
  • it is affordable when compared to other opening mechanisms (sliding, folding, pivoting, etc.);
  • it is also available in the two-way version. Our two-way doors are fitted with pivot hinges so they open both ways. The leaf can therefore be pushed and pulled open, for maximum flexibility of use. The magnetic lock completes the kit supplied, to ensure simple yet striking design and superior functionality.

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How they benefit design planning

Hinged doors are extremely versatile because they are extremely popular. Let’s take a look at the benefits they bring during the design planning stage:

  • the new models offer concealed hinges and a magnetic lock, two strengths that emphasise the styling of the lock, which proves minimal and modern;
  • the flush-fitting models have no door jambs or cornices, making them ideal if you want to camouflage the leaf with the surface of the door;
  • they have standard dimensions in terms of width and height, which adapt to any setting (new or being refurbished) and they are also available in oversized versions, including full-height;
  • when greater noise abatement is required between one room and the next, soundproofed models can be chosen, featuring a soundproofing (sound-absorbing) filling made of wood fibre, which ensures superior levels of acoustic comfort. This is an optional solution available in many of our catalogues;
  • depending on the space available, they can be ordered push (the most convenient) or pull, left or right, to optimise the functionality of rooms;
  • they are affordably priced, irrespective of the material used. For instance, a white laminate hinged door has an unbeatable purchase cost and provides excellent value for money;
  • ease of installation, another factor that brings down fitting costs;
  • superior level of customisation: the door is an item of interior décor and helps define the style of a home. The choice of handles and hardware, as well as the type of cornice, the possibility of coordinating shape and finish of the skirting board, the wide range of colours and materials, all make it possible to achieve even the most ambitious interior designs
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