Hinged Door

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Hinged doors

Our Hinged doors: the traditional and most frequent door opening system. Hinged doors include door leaves fitted on frames, which are mounted to the wall. The connecting hinges allow the door to move.

The space occupied by the open door corresponds to the length of its leaf. Hinged doors are the most frequently used. Doors can be fitted with single or double leaves, made of different materials: wood, glass, with lacquered wood finish or laminate.


Bidirectional opening

A single door with four different opening options: an inward push-to-open system or a pull-to-open system, with the utmost flexibility. The opening side can be changed from rightward to leftward and vice-versa, just rotating the whole system. One product, two directions and two opening sides, THE SOLUTION for those rooms where occupied space may change and flexibility marries a minimalist style. Our Bidirectional system includes frames with linear architraves (angular or radial corners) and door leaves, fitted using pivot hinges that allow doors to be opened in both directions. The magnetic lock is flush to the door leaf and frame. You can choose amongst wooden, lacquered or scratch-resistant synthetic finish for both doors and frames.

The Bidirectional system is available for Bertolotto door collections (to the exclusion of the following models: Selesta, Alaska and Venezia Pantografate with slip-in glass).


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