Who we are

Bertolotto Porte is an all-Italian company founded in 1987, today one of the world leaders in the design and production of doors and systems for interiors and armored doors.

The best raw materials, exclusive models, the competence and talent of skilled craftsmen and the use of the most advanced technologies characterize Bertolotto doors, all of high quality and with an original and identifying design. they appreciate the Made in Italy brand, because they are entirely made in our country.

We work with constancy and passion to create new decorations and models, each distinct and with attention to detail, to contribute with style and elegance to any project, paying the utmost attention to the wishes and expectations of customers to which we dedicate our commitment, every day.

For us, doors are not simple objects, but tailor-made creations: we want to realize the excellence that becomes part of everyday life. Bertolotto interior doors are designed for those who choose to surround themselves with beautiful things and furnish their home with solutions capable of expressing lasting values.

We believe in what we do, we marry tradition and innovation and we operate in full respect of the environment, guaranteeing it with our brand.

Claudio Bertolotto
CEO Bertolotto S.p.A.


AB di Attilio Bertolotto is born, a small production company in Crocera di Barge, in the province of Cuneo.


Claudio Bertolotto, Attilio's son, began working in the company at the age of 13; he will become CEO in 2002.


The company moves its plants to Torre San Giorgio. In just 6 years, the production / office area will cover 30,000 square meters.


The Bertolotto Made in Italy brand is born, with the round-shaped identification seal affixed to all the doors produced.


The company changes its name to Bertolotto Porte S.r.l.


The company becomes a S.p.A. and expands its surface up to 38,000 square meters in 2010.


The BIhome brand is launched, dedicated to the furniture sector.


CB SYSTEM was born in Brescia, a company that designs and manufactures systems and hardware for glass, aluminum and wooden doors, frames and flush-mounted systems.


The restyling of the brand introduces the Italian flag in the Bertolotto Porte logo.


With the aim of always better following the customer, Bertolotto Express was born, a fast delivery service, followed in 2018 by BiLog S.r.l., the Bertolotto Supply Chain service.


The company acquires the historic Audasso Porte brand, a Turin-based company founded in 1958 by the Audasso family, the inventor of hollow core doors in the 1960s and the pre-assembled kit frame in the early 1990s.


The brand or "Le Originali Bertolotto®" was born, which identifies the authenticity and exclusivity of Bertolotto products.


The Flagship Store in Milan, an exclusive showroom of Bertolotto products and innovations, opened its doors to the public.


The evolution leads to Bertolotto S.p.A. and to a further expansion of the production area which continues to reach an extension of 107,000 square meters in 2018.


The collaboration with the artist Romero Britto begins. The Portamazione brand is born and the first campaign in Italy for the scrapping of interior doors starts. First year of certified budget. The plant passes to the BERTOLOTTO GREEN phase, with the installation of photovoltaic panels and the biomass heating plant.


Bertolotto S.p.A. creates BiProfil S.r.l., a manufacturer of frames and profiles for doors and furniture, and continues its growth which expects to reach a development on 50,000 square meters of covered area by 2023.


The PORTALACASA brands are born: Le porte in 48 ore by Bertolotto and ProntoPorta Audasso. It is a selection of Bertolotto and Audasso products that combines quality and design, with low costs and available in a short time. The Bertolotto Porte institutional logo is enriched with the payoff "Changing the doors changes your home". On December 30th GARDESA S.p.A. was acquired and became part of Bertolotto Group.”


Production site is expanding again by another 5.000 m2. Company implements its photovoltaic system, adding another 600 kW. The same year, also Gardesa S.p.A. is equipped with a 450 kW photovoltaic system. A new 5.000m2 logistic platform was born in Piacenza, for Portalacasa.


Gardesa S.pA., part of Bertolotto group, acquires Albert Export srl, company based in Piacenza, manufacturer of high-end armored doors, incorporating part of the production structure within the facility while keeping wthe entire workflow operational.

Ethics and sustainability

We are committed to safeguarding our planet, contributing to the construction of a sustainable future, because evolving means producing through responsible and careful production processes. We are also committed to continuously guaranteeing the quality of our services, operating in compliance with ethical and behavioral standards; the many certifications obtained attest to the continuous improvement of company production processes and the reduction of environmental impacts. We make careful use of resources and prefer wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. We select the best raw materials and semi-finished products, with low formaldehyde emissions. Noise reduction and fire resistance characterize a part of our products. To reduce emissions into the atmosphere, we have a biomass thermal power plant that heats the entire plant and thanks to a photovoltaic system we can reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. For us, all-round respect is fundamental and will continue to guide us in our choices.

Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy the customer's wishes, interpret their dreams, imagining many and different possible solutions through careful analysis of market trends, the evolution of taste and the needs of contemporary spaces. We design answers, taking care of an exclusive design in detail that is accompanied by superior quality, an essential element that we guarantee thanks to a system of scrupulous daily checks. A team of professionals works on the creation of customized products and we work with esteemed designers for an all-round offer that is our hallmark, guaranteed by our seal of authenticity.

100% Made in italy

Our catalog has more than 38,000 models and every year we produce about 200,000 doors characterized by different finishes, colors and processes that characterize the style of each collection. The quality of the raw materials we use is the best available, as are the cutting-edge technologies we use, as the result of continuous research and development. Skilled hands give shape to ideas, making each piece unique in some way, because it is made IN ITALY 100% MADE with precision, down to the smallest detail. Italian creativity, craftsmanship and craftsmanship are recognized and appreciated all over the world and we are proud to be ambassadors of Made in Italy, as well as proud to represent our territory, to which we are deeply attached.

The power of the group

Bertolotto is today a constantly growing group, which brings together many brands working on several fronts and areas of expertise, to fully meet the demands of the Italian and global market. In recent years in particular, the group has welcomed the prestigious Gardesa and Albert brands, which have enabled Bertolotto to expand its know-how and its offer, while the assimilated companies have thus been able to maintain their production strength and increase market opportunities.