Bespoke Designer Partition Walls and Systems

Partition walls are designed to create a visual separation between settings. They are easy to assemble and don't require intrusive construction work, which makes them perfect for creating an extra room wherever you need it.

Bertolotto offers indoor partition walls for any use, whether residential or commercial, focusing as always on impeccable style and design.

Partition walls: characteristics and advantages

Most commonly used in office environments, indoor partition walls can create setting packed with character in the home too. Since you can optimise space without having to put up walls or do other renovation work, prefabricated partition walls are a firm favourite instead of any other solution.

They are also ideal due to their temporary nature, which makes it possible to optimise and organise spaces even just for a specific amount of time, without necessarily having to choose a definitive location.

Partition walls do not need to be declared at the land register and do not require any special permits, as they do not interfere with the structure of the room, which is perfect especially for rented apartments or offices.

They make the room brighter, enhancing its appeal with materials such as glass or Plexiglas. If on the other hand you need more privacy, you should choose a matt or satin finish, which does not compromise on lightness and brightness, but gives you more discretion.

Glass partition walls can be installed in any context, as they fit in with any style and all types of furniture. The ability to customise partition walls fully means you can create unique and original designer solutions.



Various types and models of partition walls and systems

  • Partition walls are veritable items of interior décor, which prove popular not just for their functional appearance. In an open-plan office they are actually indispensable, whether it is to divide up the various departments or to dampen the noise between one room and the next.
  • Open, multi-functional spaces are becoming more and more common and designer partition walls are a clever, modern choice. Bertolotto makes glass partition walls for offices and residential environments, allowing you to work in a practical, comfortable and aesthetically attractive space.
  • The design of an office interior has a significant impact on worker productivity. The endless design possibilities of Bertolotto partition walls allow ever different settings to be created, enhancing the appeal of the space.

Glass partition walls

Glass partition walls, for both the office and home, are an extremely valid solution, both from a practical perspective and from a visual point of view. Elegant and refined, they set boundaries without the bulk of a plasterboard wall.

Perfect for your home, delimiting spaces while keeping them bright and visible, Bertolotto glass partition systems can be customised in size, finish and opening mechanism. We can also produce a glass and metal box to connect to settings while keeping them separate.

Glass partition walls allow sunlight to shine from one room to another, improving visibility. At home, they are used to separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room while maintaining visual continuity. A glass partition wall can also be used to create a small reading corner in the living room or a walk-in wardrobe in a large bedroom.



Self-supporting partition walls, with built-in frame or sliding

  • Partition walls can be self-supporting, which is extremely convenient for offices, because they are modular and easy to assemble. Or they can have a built-in frame, to divide two rooms in a less temporary way. Partition walls with built-in frame are secured to the wall and ceiling and are extremely popular to divide the kitchen from the lounge or to create a separate room in an office.


  • Doors on partition walls can either be hinged or sliding. The latter are a firm favourite due to their styling and practicality. Bertolotto makes bespoke, entirely customised partition systems for the home, the office or accommodation facilities.

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