Arnaudo boiserie

25° by Arnaudo is the Collection of the new Catalog The Originals Bertolotto ® which celebrates the collaboration with the well-known architect Gianni Arnaudo and the 25th anniversary of the company.

Hinged and sliding interior doors, boiserie with a refined design with decorations that reproduce the theme of nature, in a sequence that refers to the concept of a tree-lined avenue.


The design boiserie represents an essential element in interior design, and the "25° by Arnaudo" collection by Bertolotto® is an extraordinary example of it. This collection is a tribute to the successful collaboration between the company and architect Gianni Arnaudo and also celebrates the company's twenty-fourth anniversary. At the heart of this collection, you will find swing and sliding interior doors, along with impeccably designed boiserie. Design boiserie represents a masterful fusion of functionality and style.

The elaborate decorations in this collection reflect the theme of nature in a fascinating way, creating a visual sequence that evokes the atmosphere of a tree-lined avenue. Every detail has been carefully designed, and the end result is a collection of design boiserie that transform interior spaces into living works of art.

The design boiserie of the "25° by Arnaudo" collection are a testament to the power of design in interior decoration. They are capable of radically transforming any environment, adding a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication.

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your interiors with a touch of class, the design boiserie of the "25° by Arnaudo" collection are an exceptional choice. These decorative elements are much more than simple wooden panels; they are true works of art that will bring elegance and distinctive style to your home.

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