CL Matt Lacquered Quartz

The CL Hand Lacquered Door Collection represents a wide range of linear and modern products ideal for any environment and style. The lacquered finish is available in Matt or Glossy version in all BP, RAL and NCS colors. The lacquering of the doors is made according to very strict standards guaranteed and certified  CATAS and is made with an all water paint that guarantees a low environmental impact.

CL doors are supplied with the new TKT frame , a modern solution of coplanar overlapping frame and casing on the pull side of the door and are made with IDRO , CARB and FSC ® certified materials;



  • TKT chassis the LSB certified IDRO, CARB and FSC ®
  • IPER 4 BOARD door edging on all 4 sides
  • Structure of the ante big made with fir strips from selected wood and Made in Italy
  • Honeycomb doors with honeycomb d ECO bee made with 100 # 37 recycled paper
  • ACU PLUS acoustic gaskets as standard
  • Concealed hinges and magnetic lock as standard
  • Also available with NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment
  • High possibilityà customization
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Also available as a coating for armored doors
  • Also available on EI fire doors
  • Certified Acoustic Door Available
  • Adjustable anti-sagging tie-rods as standard for heights over 2400 mm
  • Matching with IDRO MDF skirting board
  • Mechanical components installed using TORX screws

How to choose Lacquered Doors Color?


Why choose a sliding pocket door?

Choose a lacquered sliding pocket door offers a series of advantages that make it an attractive choice for modern interiors. Here's why you should consider this option:

  • Space Saving: Sliding pocket doors are designed to slide into walls when opened, freeing up valuable space in the room. This feature is particularly useful in spaces with limited room, such as apartments or small-sized rooms, where every centimeter counts.

  • Clean and Minimalist Design: Lacquered doors offer a clean and contemporary look. The lacquer finish creates a smooth and shiny surface that adds a touch of elegance to the interiors. This minimalist design works well with a variety of decor styles, helping to create a modern and refined environment.

  • Customization: Lacquered sliding pocket doors are highly customizable in terms of color and finish. This versatility allows them to be tailored to your interior style and aesthetic preferences, ensuring they seamlessly blend into the space.



Choosing a lacquered sliding pocket door means embracing modernity, optimizing available space, and adding a touch of sophistication to the interiors. It is a functional and visually appealing solution for those looking to maximize efficiency and aesthetics within living spaces.

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