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In over thirty years of experience we have learned to pay close attention to the needs and demands of the market, both in Italy and abroad.

Through analysis, projects and research we strive constantly to meet the demands and taste of the countries where we work, in order to offer a product that suits each and every client.

Our partners are our retailers, who work with us on a project, helping us to carry it forward to reach our common goals.

Today we operate in the US through the Bertolotto Incorporate brand.





Our catalogue contains more than 38,000 interior door models and we produce around 200,000 doors every year. Each one is identifiable by the finish, colour and embellishments that express the style of each collection.
We use raw materials of the highest quality available, as well as the latest technology, which is the result of constant research and development.
Experienced hands give shape to ideas, making each piece in some way unique, because each door is precision made, down to the last detail.


Creativity, craftsmanship and Italian mastery are recognized and appreciated all over the world and we are proud to be ambassadors of Made in Italy, as we are proud to represent our region, to which we are deeply connected.



Design and production take place in Torre San Giorgio, in the north of Italy. All our clients’ needs are met thanks to our qualified staff, who work to fulfill the most specific or uncommon requests, we are always available and ready to find a solution to any problem.

We work around the world with an enthusiastic sales team that is able to communicate our passion, which is the basis for our work, and knows how to explain what makes a Bertolotto door: Italian DNA, strengthened by the crucial values of tradition, skill, respect and cooperation.


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