Mimetic Armored Doors: doors like a painting

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With the Mimetic Armored Collection, doors become functional works of art for your environment. The MIMETIC armored door embodies discreet elegance and technological innovation, offering a minimal design that harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment.

Equipped with concealed hinges, the MIMETIC door stands out for its essentiality and total continuity with the frame and the wall. This design detail not only gives the door a clean and seamless look, but also provides a smooth and unobstructed user experience.

Whether you desire a discreet yet sophisticated addition to your home or a bold and contemporary design element, the MIMETIC door will meet your expectations with uncompromising style and functionality. Express your individuality with Mimetic armored doors and transform your environment into a true masterpiece.


Concealed hinges can be matched to the color of the door jamb, ensuring a consistent and harmonious aesthetic. With a wide range of colors available to choose from, including Matte White, Satin Black, Silver, Sand, Silk, Ivory, and Blush, you can customize your MIMETIC door to perfectly suit the style and atmosphere of your home or space.

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