Armored camouflage door PantoQuadra LP29.

The MIMETIC door offers a minimal and functional design, seamlessly integrating with your environment thanks to the following distinctive features: 1. **Concealed hinges**: The MIMETIC door is equipped with concealed hinges that give it a clean and seamless look, ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free user experience. 2. **Continuity with the door frame and wall**: Thanks to the design of the concealed hinges, the MIMETIC door blends perfectly with the door frame and wall, creating a unique visual harmony in the environment. 3. **Color customization**: The concealed hinges are available in colors matching the door frame, offering a consistent and harmonious aesthetic. Available colors include Matte White, Satin Black, Silver, Sand, Silk, Ivory, and Powder Pink, to adapt the door to your style and the atmosphere of your space. With the MIMETIC door, you can enjoy a discreet yet sophisticated addition to your home or space, without compromising functionality. Choose Mimetic armored doors to transform your environment into an authentic design masterpiece.

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