Our COMPACT Collection doors are available with both single and double leaf, offering a wide range of options to meet your security and design needs. You can choose between visible hinges or invisible seagull wing hinges, with the CI version providing a linear and clean aesthetic on the inside. Security is our top priority, which is why our doors are equipped with 5 anti-tear and anti-cut pins, ensuring maximum passive security. The invisible hinges not only add a touch of minimalism to your space, but also ensure reliable protection.

For optimal comfort, our doors are equipped with air slats that ensure excellent sound insulation, allowing you to enjoy peace and privacy in your home. And let's not forget about style: the invisible hinges are always matched to the frame color, while you can choose from a variety of colors including Matte White, Satin Black, Silver, Sand, Silk, Ivory, and Blush, to perfectly blend with your decor. With the Compact door, you will have the best of security, comfort, and design, all in one solution. Discover perfection that fits into your everyday life.

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