Secure door Compact Aluminum Dunkelgrun 6125

The Compact armored doors combine sophisticated design and advanced security to offer an uncompromising experience. Designed to harmoniously integrate into any residential context, our armored doors are characterized by clean lines and high-quality materials. Security is at the center of our commitment: Compact armored doors are designed to withstand external attacks thanks to innovative protection systems, including anti-tear and anti-cut rods. These devices ensure reliable defense, offering peace of mind and protection to our customers. In addition to security, we pay great attention to design. Our doors are available in a wide range of finishes and colors, with customization options that allow you to create a unique and eye-catching entrance. Details: - Advanced security: equipped with 5 anti-tear and anti-cut rods to ensure optimal protection. - Wide range of configurations: available with both single and double leaves to adapt to your space needs. - Design options: choose between visible hinges or invisible seagull wing hinges to personalize the look of your door. - Modern aesthetics: the version with invisible hinges offers a clean and linear aesthetic from the inside, adding a touch of minimalism to your environment. - Reliable protection: invisible hinges provide secure and discreet protection. - Mobile threshold draft excluder: helps reduce the passage of air and dust, improving comfort and cleanliness inside your living space.

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