SOLID Armored Doors: Elegance, Security and Functionality

The SOLID armored doors represent the pinnacle of innovation and quality in the home security sector. With the introduction of the aluminum casing, we offer an unprecedented experience in terms of finishes for Bertolotto Porte armored doors. The minimal design not only adds a touch of modernity, but also gives an elegant effect to the armored door, framing it in a distinctive way and making it unique.

The SOLID range does not stop here. We also present the CS PLUS version, equipped with a double cylinder with European profile, which offers an additional level of security and peace of mind for you and your family. Furthermore, with a wide range of handles available in different shapes and finishes, you can customize your armored door to fit the unique style of your home.

Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary design, you will find the perfect handle to complete the look of your SOLID armored door.

With SOLID, you are not only investing in the security of your home, but also in the elegance and functionality of a product that reflects our values of excellence, performance, and reliability.

Choose SOLID and get ready to live with peace of mind and style.

The new aluminum casing represents an innovation in the world of Bertolotto doors. Thanks to its minimal design, it contributes to giving a distinctive elegance to the security door, framing it uniquely. This element not only adds a touch of style, but also reinforces the values of security and reliability that characterize our products.

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