Integrated Management System


Bertolotto S.p.A.'s Integrated Management System sets the framework, methods and roles to reach the following results:

  • The prerogative of our Company is to assess new Ideas and New Proposals.

  • Bertolotto S.p.A is committed to meeting all technical requirements, regulations, applicable laws and requests by the parties involved, all along the production chain.

  • The daily Participation of all our employees is the prerequisite for continuous improvement.

  • Communication is also fundamental to understand involved parties’ needs so as to guarantee that the current policy and requirements are well-known, understood and applied by Bertolotto S.p.A.

  • Thanks to proper Planning, costs are optimised and production results are improved, whilst increasing quality standards.

  • Bertolotto S.p.a.’s Employees are both Customers and Vendors, so, as Vendors, they need to offer the best possible service to their Customers, solving problems in advance and ensuring they are fully Satisfied.

  • On the basis of the assessment of results of the previous year through the Integrated Management System, Managers draw up an Improvement Plan for the new year; goals are set for each function according to the principles of the policy. Then Supervisors will use these guidelines to develop and reach the targets.

  • Bertolotto S.p.A.’s Suppliers are the first link in our production chain and their guided growth is essential for the Company to be successful.

  • To this end, Education and Training are an important investment to improve Employees’ skills and know-how, thus bringing benefits to the whole Community.

  • Bertolotto S.p.A. is committed to reduce, when possible, the production of waste and the consumption of resources (raw materials and energy), in order to prevent, decrease or stop the generation of Environmental Pollution.

  • Bertolotto Products are conceived, designed and marketed in a way to minimise the environmental impact of their use and disposal; the expected duration of the product’s life-cycle is fundamental when designing new products.

  • The continuous Prevention of negative environmental impacts through regular checks of their possible origins is a priority in our Company, just like the quality of our products.

  • Proper Management of any negative environmental impact, especially if caused by emergencies, is guaranteed by responsible management of all corporate activities.

  • Bertolotto S.p.A. advocates the respect of all applicable laws and regulations.


  • Bertolotto S.p.A.'s main commitment is the continuous improvement of our integrated management system.



In order to guarantee goals and targets are reached, the following general principles are applied:


  • Quality and environmental management involves corporate activities and functions at all levels, with a view to general responsibility;

  • Goals and targets are made available through the publication of the policy and the documentation on the integrated management system within the Company;

  • Goals and targets are progressively reached thanks to management programmes and improvement plans and Managers periodically update and reassess them by reviewing the system;

  • Managers attach the same importance to quality and environmental management as to the economic and social management, whilst realising technically and economically-viable solutions;

  • New materials, processes and raw materials are selected and developed to favour non-polluting products, together with safe usage and disposal;

  • The integrated policy is made known to all the staff by means of training courses, publication on the website and on noticeboards;

  • Upon request by the parties involved, the integrated policy can be shared through environmental communications and the publication on the Company’s website.



The Manager of the integrated management system (supported by external specialised bodies, if needed) is in charge of monitoring, checking and updating activities and the implementation of dispositions of the quality-environmental management system.


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