PantoNext LP29 Interior Door

The collection of Hand Lacquered Doors PANTONEXT stands out for the quality of the lacquering , made according to the strictest standards guaranteed and certified by CATAS for color change, yellowing and aging over time. The lacquering of all Bertolotto Porte products is in fact oriented towards a water-based painting solution, guaranteeing both a low environmental impact and the brilliance of the finish over time.

The Pantonext are supplied with the new TKT frame , a modern solution of coplanar overlapping frame and casing on the pull side of the door and are made with certified materials IDRO, CARB and FSC® .

It is a harmonic, minimalist system with high technical performance.


  • TKT frame the LSB certified IDRO, CARB and FSC®
  • Edging of the IPER 4 BOARD doors on all 4 sides
  • Structure of the "big" doors made with fir strips from selected wood and Made in Italy
  • Double-paneled doors with ECO honeycomb made with 100% recycled paper
  • ACU PLUS acoustic gaskets as standard
  • Concealed hinges and magnetic lock as standard
  • Also available with NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment
  • High degree of customization
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Also available as a covering for armored doors
  • Also available on EI fire doors
  • Adjustable anti-sagging tie-rods as standard for heights over 2400 mm
  • Matching with IDRO MDF skirting boards

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