The original Bertolotto

Le Originali Bertolotto

We have worked for many years to create new door models for your houses. We believe in what we do and our brand is a guarantee: on every doorstop, on the protective packaging during transportation, on all accessories.
Request "The Bertolotto Originals" for your home. Forever with you.
Bertolotto originals are patented-design products.

Bertolotto S.p.A. reserves the right to make modifications, without prior notice, aiming at improving qualities and functionalities of products. Information and drawings in this website are for illustrative purposes only and may be modified. Colour and material samples have a purely indicative value, according to the limits of reproduction and viewing.

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These doors slide inside the wall, within a specific casing. They do not occupy space in the room and require a special metal casing to be installed inside the wall.
Our hinged doors: the traditional and most frequent door opening system. Hinged doors include a door leaf fitted on a frame mounted to the wall.
Door leaves can be folded in a symmetrical (50/50) or asymmetrical (2/3 and 1/3) way to occupy as little space as possible. Central hinges are usually concealed, and the new concealed systems also includes coplanar door leaves and architraves.
Doors are fitted to the wall, their frame is concealed and there are no architraves. Door leaves are coplanar to the wall and painted in the same finish as the surrounding walls. Doors may be hinged or sliding.
Every door and setting needs the right handle: classic or modern, minimalist and designer handles. A full range of knobs, flush pull handles and traditional handles.
Transparent or satin, extra-clear or molten glass: a wide range of options for a full collection embellished with etched, sand-blasted or hand-painted decorations.
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A brand-new appearance, a selection of ideas and inspirations to match furniture, doors, handles and wood panels.
The new furniture colours are perfect for our doors. Discover our new wooden, lacquered or laminated products.
But above all, come and discover more about our cooperation with artist Romero Britto for the new “Britto Loves Bertolotto” collection and the new technical solution for MAG doors by Gianni Arnaudo.
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