Sliding Pocket Door Ramo


The Natura design is inspired by flowers, trees, leaves and other natural elements. These decorations embellish modern and elegant doors, whose all elements are carefully hand finished. Double-panel wood door leaves reduce the weight and guarantee long-lasting stability. In order to guarantee better acoustic comfort, door leaves are fitted with an internal wood-fibre soundproofing panel with special composition and shape.

External faces are made of 8 mm MDF, with post-formed lacquered radial edges.
These door leaves passed the 29 dB noise reduction test, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 regulation.
The whole range is available in all RAL and NCS colours.
Bertolotto lacquers are CATAS-certified (Research and development centre and laboratory for wood-furniture, environment and food tests).
Available with different opening systems.


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