Swing door BP 1018 sand


The Fashion collection is the widest range of linear and modern products. Double-panel wooden door leaves reduce the weight and guarantee long-lasting stability. In order to ensure better acoustic comfort, door leaves are fitted with an internal wood-fibre soundproofing panel with special composition and shape. 

External faces are made of 5/8 mm MDF, with post-formed lacquered radial edges.
These door leaves passed the 29 dB noise reduction test, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 standard.
All RAL and NCS colours are available for this range.
Our products passed the most aggressive resistance tests against abrasion and cleansing agents.
Bertolotto lacquers are CATAS-certified (Research and development centre and laboratory for wood-furniture, environment and food tests).
Available with different opening systems.

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