Hinged door Spin powder


Natura's design is inspired by flowers, trees, leaves, natural elements. The decorations enrich a modern and elegant door; each element is carefully finished by hand. The door is made of honeycomb to lighten the weight and ensure stability; in time. The leaf, to ensure greater acoustic comfort, is equipped with a sound-absorbing filling panel in wood fibers with a particular shape and composition.

The external faces are made of 8 mm thick MDF with rounded edges, postformed and lacquered.
This door has passed the noise reduction test of 29 dB according to the UNI EN ISO 717-1: 2013 standard.
The whole range is proposed in all RAL and NCS colors.
Bertolotto lacquers are certified by CATAS (Research and development center and testing laboratories for the wood-furniture, environment and food sectors).
Available in various types of opening.

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