BIFENIX EI45 PantoIncisa BP 1078 fire door

The Bifenix fire door, characterized by a flush leaf to the frame and concealed hinges, represents an excellent combination of advanced security and sophisticated design. Certified to EI 60 or EI 45 standards, this interior door offers superior fire protection while providing an elegant aesthetic appearance.

Main features:

Hermetic Flush Door: The flush door to the frame ensures a hermetic closure, effectively preserving fire compartmentalization.

Elegant and Secure Hinges: The concealed hinges not only give a clean appearance but also increase security by eliminating external vulnerability points.

Fire Resistance Certification: The Bifenix door is certified according to EI 60 or EI 45 standards, guaranteeing excellent fire resistance to help maintain a safe environment.

Reliable Quality: Made with high-quality materials, the Bifenix door follows strict safety standards, offering reliable performance over time.

Elegance in Design: In addition to its excellent performance, the Bifenix door stands out for its elegant design, with a smooth surface and clean lines that add style to any environment.

Acoustic Customization: With acoustic versions ranging from 34dB to 47dB, the Bifenix door offers different options to meet the specific sound insulation needs of your space.

Double Swing for Greater Flexibility: Opt for convenience and flexibility with the double swing version, ideal for larger spaces.

Glass Windows for Safe Brightness: Add natural light and modernity to your environment with the version equipped with glass windows, without compromising on safety.

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