BIREVER 30 CL Gray Oak Fire Door

Birever 30 fire door with door coplanar to the architraves

The peculiarity of the Birever 30 fire-resistant door certified EI for hotels lies in its frame, partially made of solid wood, which allows the door leaf to be flush with the cover moldings on the push side, offering a unique design. Unlike regular swing doors that open by pulling, this door has a push opening. The cover moldings on the flush side can be symmetric with a width of 105mm (standard) or asymmetric with widths of 105mm and 180mm (upon request). Additionally, the wider asymmetric cover molding can be customized with engraved designs.

Technical features.

The frame, with a thickness of 50mm, is made of solid wood coated in veneer or lacquered, with flush covers on the push side and L8 or L9 covers on the internal side of the chamber. The door is equipped with certified intumescent seals on the lower and upper stiles of the leaf and on three sides of the frame, along with BP acoustic stop seals. The non panic-proof Yale lock is a silent latch without anti-burglary, with a 70mm entry and Key/Knob cylinder. The three hidden hinges are EI certified and adjustable in three dimensions. The presence of flush door closers, fixed bolts, and a No Sound acoustic floor threshold complete the picture.

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